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Director A.Tarkovsky. In roles: M.Terekhov, I.Daniltsev, O.Yankovsky (the USSR, 1974)
Soviet 81/ 2 a stream of the images arising in a head of the hero, the sorting out relation with the past and with history. The director manages to find a physical equivalent to such abstract concepts, as fear. And the wind flying anywhere, is removed even more strongly, than in Blou - ap Michelangelo Antonioni.


Ivanovo the childhood 0. 35

Director A.Tarkovsky. In roles: N.Burljaev, V.Maljavina (the USSR, 1962)

a Debut, brought to Andrey Tarkovsky the world glory and a praise Jean - Sartre`s Fields. Very much estetskaja, on the verge of a dream war is seen as tragedy of the child who has become by the front scout. Veterans were indignant with that for the sake of kinogenichnosti the director has sheathed a blindage birch trunks.


Romeo and Juliette 1. 05

Director F.Dzeffirelli. In roles: L.Uajting, O.Hassm, M.Jork (Italy - Great Britain, 1968)

the Best film of the pompous director of film operas. Young English actors have filled with its reckless romanticism and the unchained sensuality in the spirit of storming then sexual revolution.


the Solaris 23. 55

Director A.Tarkovsky. In roles: D.Banionis, N.Bondarchuk, J.Jarvet (the USSR, 1972)

it is possible, Andrey Tarkovsky`s the best film, a screen version of the novel of Stanislav Lemma. A philosophical horror film about the conceiving Ocean materialising images from the past, concealed in subconsciousness of the astronauts locked at galactic station.


Annushka 23. 30

the Director B.Barnet. In roles: I.Skobtseva, A.Georgievsky, B. Babochkin (the USSR, 1959)

Boris Barneta`s Rare film, the author Suburbs and the Feat of the scout . The most human and intimate of all Soviet classics, it sincerely sympathises with the Annushke which many have had during war.


Peak Dante 0. 15

the Director R.Donaldson. In roles: P.Brosnan, L.Gamilton (the USA, 1997)

If to trust Hollywood, all scientists on the earth behave as Indiana Johns. The hero - the volcanist at first rushes about on the screen with wild cries that nobody trusts its ominous cautions. And then alone catches from a boiling lava of the family.


a fury Fist 22. 00

Director L.Vej. In roles: B.Li, M.Ji (Hong Kong, 1972)

Infrequent possibility to see on great Bruce Li`s TV screen. In Shanghai the beginnings of the XX-th century it revenges murderers of the teacher. However, Whether the plot in films with is absolutely not important.

the STAR

the Certificate on poverty 20. 20

Director S.Gasparov. In roles: A.Hochinsky, K.Stepankov (the USSR, 1977)

Workers of a criminal investigation department search for the villains abducting details of hours and what for - that marketing them abroad. Samvel Gasparov has enclosed at militian cinema much less inspiration, than in well-known isterny the Sixth or Bread, gold, a revolver .