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Roadside movie stars

In gallery Zurab the exhibition " has opened; the Calendar ` Pirelli `. 2007 passing in frameworks of the Moscow international festival the Fashion and style in a photo . This time pictures for Pirelli did a known Netherlands photoduet of Inez van by Lamsveerde and Vinud Matadin, and as their models fashionable movie stars Lu Duajon, Penelopa Krus, Hilari Suonk, Naomi Uots and the Sofi Loren have acted, not afraid to pose for, as in any way, erotic pictures in the 70 with superfluous years. Female stories from Pirelli were considered by IRINA - KULIK.
not the first time represents the Moscow photofestival Pirelli - most estetskuju from versions a calendar with girls with 1960 - h years let out by the firm making automobile tyres. That has allowed one of the famous photoartists, there is no time co-operating with this edition, to name its calendar for truckers: After all a photo with the seductive half-naked beauty - an indispensable detail of Spartan conditions of a driver`s cabin. The history about truckers is difficult be not to remembering, considering a new calendar Pirelli - a scene of action photosessions the room of the hotel is, apparently.

Inez van Lamsveerde and Vinud Matadin removed all heroines in one and that room, in the same bed. Removed in deliberately antiglamour style, on it is black - a white film, with almost inaudible hints on an aesthetics 1960 - h. The minimalist aesthetics in aggregate with Spartan conditions (in a shot it is possible to distinguish a state upholstery and ragged prikrovatnuju a bedside table) suggests just about motel for truckers. That to stars as - in any way fulfilling the obligatory erotic program, them necessarily you represent in a role which are available in repertoire hardly probable not all actresses - roles of representatives of the most ancient trade.

In melodramatic roud - muvi from Pirelli it is possible to guess absolutely trouble-free five female stories. Heroine Penelopy Krus, cosy and serenely stretching on the bed, and on one of pictures appearing in tsvetastom a dressing gown, is obviously assured that will finish once the present employment and will begin to live ideal virtuous life - will marry the good guy, and can, podkopit there are enough money to open own small snackbar. It seems to much less cloudless a fate of Naomi Uots - the emaciated young lady reclines on hotel bed-sheets as on a hospital cot, and this cinema, apparently, will end with death of the main heroine. Hilari Suonk has appeared in motel after set of adventures. It seems that the girl has managed to contact the bad guy, any abrupt and heartless biker - she still dreams of it, having got under a blanket in a leather jacket on a naked body and dark glasses. And here Lu Duajon easily could twist ropes and from such plohisha: its heroine - the irresistible stinker and provokatorsha, taking from the position set of benefits and pleasures.

but the most pacified heroine Sofi Loren looks. For a long time the promise exciting minds that semidesjatidvuhletnjaja a film legend will pose for Pirelli half-naked, it has appeared a little exaggerated: respectable madam Loren is removed respectfully - chastely and shows unless the bared shoulder or a moderate decollete. The chamber is concentrated first of all to its amazing person blossoming and tempted, grown wise, but also promising. Also you understand that this woman for certain has already passed through all hopes and temptations with which there live other heroines of the project, and is victorious with them has consulted. In general, a calendar Pirelli promises to the star models of a role for which each of them could receive Oscar But nevertheless does not forget that to us, to truckers unlike film academicians of a charm of actresses nevertheless it is more interesting than their experiences on Stanislavsky.