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The question price

Destiny of presidential election of 2004 in Ukraine dared in the street. More precisely, on a Maidan. But to appeal to a Maidan on parliamentary elections of 2006 as it has tried was to make last spring the propresidential block Our Ukraine it was ridiculous. As a result Our Ukraine it has appeared on last year`s elections only the third. And here most of all places in the Supreme Rada of the fifth convocation the Party of Regions which especially has not been noticed in mitingovyh achievements has received. Besides it was helped by quarrels in orange camp and the part appeal orange to a Maidan which already became history.
yesterday I have gone to look, as there are affairs at supporters of ruling coalition on arrangement already it is white - blue a Maidan which on a plan of its organizers should stop action of the decree of president Yushchenko about Supreme Rada dissolution. I have remembered, how on November, 22nd, 2004, next day after the second round of presidential election, in the beginning of the eleventh morning left the underground and began to go down on Institute street downwards, towards a Maidan of Nezalezhnosti. When I have seen at such early o`clock on the area 20 - the thousand raging crowd dazzling with orange ribbons has understood that Victor Yushchenko has won.

yesterday I have passed the same route. On the way to a parliament building has seen a tail of a long column of supporters of Party of Regions which went in a direction of a Maidan of Nezalezhnosti. How they have been dressed and modestly itself conducted, at once it was visible - visitors. Looking around, looking to itself under feet, people went silently. They at all did not go - them conducted. This procession of a column of supporters of Victor Yanukovych reminded walk of prisoners in a prison-yard.

the group of support of Party of Regions went to a place which it the opposition in the name of Yulia Timoshenko in advance has released, the leader Our Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko and the popular politician, the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko. The last have received the day before what achieved, - the presidential decree about parliament dissolution. And the area was not so necessary yesterday to them, they have visited a Maidan the day before late at night, happy from Victor Yushchenko`s resoluteness. Therefore the Maidan of Nezalezhnosti occupied with supporters of a parliamentary coalition, looked yesterday a trap, a copper .

But Stalingrada will not be - there will be elections. According to the Ukrainian legislation, in case of carrying out of early election, lists of candidates of the Supreme Rada move in the Central Electoral Commission not later than forty days about day of voting, that is till April, 17th.

it means that in remained two weeks parties need to spend congresses, to choose possible partners in election campaign and to name names of participants of elections. And there already the people will tell the loaded word. So all last statements of prime minister Victor Yanukovych and speaker Alexander Moroza, it is equal as ministers and deputies from a coalition, from positions of today already it is necessary to perceive as pre-election rhetoric, it is no more of that.