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Armenia will transfer on premerstvu

In Armenia expires term of appointment of the new head of the government which post was released on March, 25th, after sudden death of premieres - minister Andranika Margarjana. The vacant post will be occupied for certain with the nearest colleague of president Robert Kocharyan Minister of Defence Serzh Sarkisyan. On information, the decree on its appointment it will be already signed today. This increase will make mister Sarkisyan the obvious successor of the operating head of the state, whose powers come to an end next year.
by today the president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan should be defined with a nominee on a post new the prime minister - the minister of the country. The post second for the importance was released after from a heart attack the former head of the government and the leader of Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Andranik Margarjan on March, 25th has suddenly died. The arrangement on the one who will replace the late prime minister, has been reached already next day after his death. On March, 26th mister Kocharyan has met representatives of ruling coalition into which enter RPA and the Armenian revolutionary federation Dashnaktsutjun . During consultations it has been decided that premerskoe the armchair on - former remains at the disposal of republicans. On Monday in Yerevan council RPA on which in premieres head of a party council, the Minister of Defence and the secretary of Security Council Serzh Sarkisyan has unanimously been put forward has been called.

meanwhile president Kocharyan did not begin to hurry up with decree signing about appointment of mister Sarkisyan. As have assured sources of the governmental circles, most likely, it is connected by that the Minister of Defence has left on a visit for Bruxelles for participation in session of North Atlantic council Armenia - the NATO in a format 26+1. According to interlocutors, Robert Kocharyan will sign the document this morning, right after returnings of mister Serzha Sarkisyan from Belgium.

the Full confidence that the president will appoint the prime minister of leader RPA, is shown also by party colleagues of the Minister of Defence. possibly, the president already will appoint on April, 4th Serzha Sarkisyan the prime minister, - the speaker of the Armenian parliament republican Tigran Torosjan has declared yesterday. - All arrangements are reached, and surprises cannot be . According to the speaker after the question with the new head of the government will be solved, mister Sarkisyan will generate an office and will submit for approval parliament the cabinet program in put 20 - dnevnyj term.

the compelled personnel shifts in the government of Armenia have occurred on the eve of the parliamentary elections planned for May, 12th. Their main favourite considers RPA. The party " becomes the main competitor of republicans; the Prospering Armenia Based by the richest person of the country Gagikom Tsarukjanom and considered as the political strategy project conceived in Presidential Administration. the prospering Armenia generated all one year ago, applies approximately for 30 % of percent of votes of voters. About the same percent of votes sociologists predict and RPA.

Preparing for fight with the Prospering Armenia RPA in August of last year has begun mobilisation of the resources. At party congress Serzh Sarkisyan has been selected by the head of council RPA. It has been made not casually - mister Sarkisyan is known as the old and nearest colleague of president Kocharyan heading republic since 1998. Both politicians - natives of Nagornogo Karabaha, and Serzh Sarkisyan has entered into the top management of Armenia much before the present president. Still in the middle of 1990 - h years it supervised over the Armenian special services both the incorporated Ministry of Internal Affairs and national safety. And already after Robert Kocharyan`s election as the president mister Sarkisyan held a post of the head of administration of the head of the state, and then began to combine a post of the Minister of Defence and the secretary of Security Council.

now Serzha Sarkisyan had a real chance to hold the higher state post. Forthcoming parliamentary elections in Armenia are considered as preparation to presidential, planned for spring of 2008. Robert Kocharyan stays the second and a closing date on a state post of the head. The majority of analysts agree in opinion that the most probable candidate for successors of mister Kocharyan is Serzh Sarkisyan. After it will be appointed by the prime minister and will lead the party to a victory on parliamentary elections, mister Sarkisyan becomes the obvious favourite of presidential race.

by the way, it with sympathy concern and in Moscow. The head of the Minister of Defence heads Armenian - the Russian intergovernmental commission and has had time to acquire necessary communications. In the Kremlin, however, have noticed that the West tries to draw the influential politician on the party, and let know that intend to be overcome for it. Acting on March, 22nd on a round table Parliamentary both presidential election in Armenia and interests of Russia the chief of department of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation on international and to a cultural contact with foreign countries Modest Kolerov has directly declared: We should not ignore attempt of external influence on promotion really recognised, is valid reputatsionnoj, Serzha Sarkisyan`s very strong figure. The western attempts to pick up it should have the adequate answer. That these attempts have ill-intentioned and purposeful character, it is obvious. We not children, we it see .

However, it is impossible to tell that Serzh Sarkisyan is frankly Prorussian politician. Being the Minister of Defence, it has begun army reforms on the western sample. And Serzh Sarkisyan has insisted in December of last year on prolongation of the mandate of the Armenian peacemakers in Iraq, having noticed that does not see the reasons to spoil relations from the USA for no reason . Thus, the future prime minister has already shown the ability to balance between Moscow and Washington with benefit for itself. Till now it helped his career.

, Yerevan