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Chelyabinsk vitse - the governor judge twice

In Chelyabinsk regional court on debate on business of the first vitse - governor of the region Victor Timashova - him accuse of extortion, money-laundering and abusings - yesterday the public prosecutor has demanded to sentence it to 12 years of a colony, to fine and deprive of the right to take a post on civil service within five years. Mister Timashov guilty itself does not recognise and asserts that the consequence does not have any proof of its fault.
criminal case concerning the first vitse - the governor of the Chelyabinsk area Victor Timashova have raised in April, 2004 then under the petition of regional Office of Public Prosecutor it has been discharged of a post for the period of a consequence. Business have raised on the basis of indications of the former assistant to the general director of Chelyabinsk Joint-Stock Company prodmontazh Alexander Losev. In January, 2004 accusation in " has been brought to mister Losev; assignment or waste (item 160 UK). On interrogations he admitted that operated under the personal commission vitse - governor Timashova.

Among other things to mister Timashovu incriminate assignment of 2,5 million rbl. which have been allocated from the budget of the Chelyabinsk area of the company JUzhuralgeologorazvedka on acquisition of the chisel unit. vitse - the governor accuse also that, according to Office of Public Prosecutor, it has organised system of extortion of bribes from heads of the enterprises for reception of the state orders financed from the regional budget . Charges are shown mister Timashovu under articles about extortion and bribe reception in the large size abusing powers of office and money-laundering in the large size (item 290, 285 and 174 UK).

Yesterday on debate on business vitse - the governor in Chelyabinsk regional court the state accuser has demanded to sentence it to 12 years of a colony, to fine on 1 million rbl. And to deprive of the right within five years to occupy posts on civil service and in local governments. After a state accuser lawyers of two other defendants who are passing on the same business, - Alexander Losev and the former head of regional committee on Edward Vagin`s natural resources have acted. Victor Timashova`s defenders will act in regional court today.

Upon termination of yesterday`s session defendant Timashov has declared that does not consider itself guilty. charge does not have proofs of crimes which to me attribute, - he has declared. - there is no proof - video - or audio records, for example, in which my surname would be called and the word ` money ` " has been said;.

Simultaneously the Central regional court of Chelyabinsk considers the second case in the relation vitse - governor Timashova. It has been raised by Office of Public Prosecutor in June, 2005 after the check spent UFSB on the Chelyabinsk area. The winter of 2006 within the limits of investigation of the second business to mister Timashovu had been brought accusation in excess of powers of office (item 286 UK). Under the version of the investigation, mister Timashov together with the head of regional management Rosimushchestva Alexander Vlasovym has illegally transferred to the possession groups of companies Rembyttehnika 14 objects which were in the federal property. The regional court in 2006 has considered the problem on association of two affairs, accused on which there passes mister Timashov, and has decided not to do it, the sentence on the first business vitse - the governor will not be pronounced yet.

, Chelyabinsk