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Dagestan, relationship not remembering

on May, 21st, 1998 the deputy of national meeting of Dagestan Magomed Khachilaev and his brother the deputy of State Duma Nadir Khachilaev with 300 supporters have grasped a building of the government of republic, demanding resignation of local authorities. On June, 13th, 2000 the Supreme court of Dagestan has sentenced Magomeda to three, and Nadira by one and a half years and has amnestied.
on December, 12th, 2005 attempt at the head of Gergebelsky area Magomeda Magomedova is made. On its versions, a crime the head of Kiziljurtovsky area Abdurahman Gadzhiev has organised, wishing to unite areas and to head them. In January, 2007 mister Gadzhiev is condemned for 18 years.

on April, 25th, 2006 700 persons in district Usuhchaj have demanded resignation of the head of Dokuzparinsky area Kerimhana Abasova. Meeting was organised by its political opponent the head of department sotszashchity Magaramkentsky area Nijaz Primov. At dispersal of crowd by OMON one person is killed, two have died in hospital. On an investigation course it was not informed.

on January, 17th, 2007 has disappeared vitse - the mayor of Kizlyar area Magomed Omarmagomedov, heading partspisok Union of Right Forces on parliamentary elections of republic coming in March.

on February, 14th, 2007 in Makhachkala seriously injured the leader partspiska Patriots of Russia Edward Hidirov.

on March, 2nd, 2007 cousins competitors on elections in meeting of Dahadaevsky area Magomed Aliev ( an United Russia ), Nuhu Nuhov (Union of Right Forces) and their supporters have arranged firing near village Urkarah. Two persons are killed, three more and mister Nuhov are wounded. The investigation is carried on.