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The Wahhabite has not got on in the Russian army

In Novosibirsk military court yesterday has come to the end is exemplary - indicative process on business of the ardent adherent of a vahhabism of Shamilja Ahmedova serving in a battalion of maintenance of educational process of Novosibirsk military institute (NVI) of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. For a number of crimes, including kindling national break a set, it have sentenced to five years of imprisonment.
as have informed in Novosibirsk tribunal, process on business of private soldier Ahmedova should play is precautionary - an educational role. Therefore yesterday last day judicial hearings from a battalion of maintenance of NVI VV to court have brought two ten former colleagues of the defendant. Military men - Moslems Shamil Ahmeds, called from Dagestan, welcomed: Salam alejkum!

the chairman of judicial session has started to disclose the Adjusting part of a sentence with the episodes connected with the most serious charges - in kindling national and religious hostility (item 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). In January of last year on film viewing 9 company during an episode of fight of the Soviet soldiers with numerically surpassing opponent, Ahmed`s military man, aspiring to underline national and religious exclusiveness of persons of a Muslim nationality, has admitted the statements humiliating military men - Slavs and orthodox religion . As has noted court, the soldier stated provocative judgements about the solidarity with Mojaheds in the armed struggle against Russian. In business materials it is underlined that he shouted at all barracks: We both cut Russian, and we will cut! on this episode the tribunal has considered fault of the defendant proved and established.

One episode, concerning an ethnic animosity, the military court has counted made wrongly. Accused, according to Office of Public Prosecutor, has spent the improvised execution of the Russian military man. Shamil Ahmeds on which head there was a black hat with cuts for eyes, has attacked a breast to corporal Sergey Kuznetsovu and has put to its throat a knife. Other colleague he has asked to photograph a scene. The judge has explained that the disposition of item 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation demands presence of such qualifying sign, as publicity. As photosession passed in presence of the minimum number of eyewitnesses and the picture intended for a narrow circle native and friends, it was necessary to exclude this point of charge. The court qualified actions of soldier Ahmedova as not authorised relations (item 335).

the Court also recognised Shamilja Ahmedova guilty of robberies (it, on business materials, selected money at military men - contract employees to itself on a demobilisation), and also in obviously untrue report on act of terrorism. As - that the private soldier has called in a call centre of the city Department of Internal Affairs and has declared that one of field commanders has charged to it to blow up a building of one of militia managements. Having found out about last Shamilja Ahmedova, detectives have established that it has like ideas of a vahhabism before conscription.

originally the defendant recognised fault only in kindling national and religious hostility, and money, as he said, has borrowed to it colleagues. However during a legal investigation Ahmed`s private soldier began to deny all. Voensud has sentenced accused Ahmedova to five years of imprisonment in a standard regime penal colony and has obliged to return to victims the money taken away from them.

, Novosibirsk