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The radar below a belt

the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has met Yesterday the president of Czechia Vaclav Klausom. One wanted to convince the colleague to refuse placing of the American station of tracking in territory of Czechia, another thought that the colleague will understand, why he has agreed to place this station. Special correspondent ANDREY - KOLESNIKOV testifies, what even on a press - conferences after negotiations of the colleague did not lose hope though something to explain each other.
presidents of Russia and Czechia talked exactly so much, how many it is necessary to leave to journalists with consciousness of the executed debt and not used possibilities, that is two and a half an hour.

some agreements have been signed. Vladimir Putin then said that one only the Ural Carriage-Building Plant has signed now documents (with the Czech company ` Alta ` about modernisation and deliveries of the equipment for Ural Carriage-Building Plant reconstruction. - And. To. ), which cost billion euro .

the Czech translator who behaved before as - that strange (it fingered a piece of paper which had control over and on which when its president spoke, did not write down words, probably, hoping for the light memory), instead of euro has said dollars .

- the Euro, - with a reproach has told to it the president of Russia.

- euro, - she has unwillingly agreed.

after that he has told that the factory on manufacture of building materials in Bashkiria in which are ready to invest the Czech organisations, will cost eighty millions euros.

- eighty billions euro, - the translator has corrected.

- I Hope, and before we will reach, - mister Putin has agreed. - we will live and before.

Then I have decided that in ears at the translator in general is hidden any mp3 - a player and she enjoys not words of presidents, and something to another. It seemed, she simply does not hear them. She and itself - that started to talk nonsense, trying to say something like that toplivno - the power complex is an important direction of cooperation of Russia and Czechia . On transfer of such harmless phrase at it left not less minutes, and it seemed to me, she has time to remember also everything that the classic of the Czech literature Karelian Capek thought about it.

- we are disturbed, of course, by plans of placing of the ABM in Czechia, - Vladimir Putin has told. - we at all do not want to interfere with an internal political situation in Czechia, but we want, that the people of Czechia have received the objective information and consequently I have informed president Klausa as this situation looks from the point of view of the Russian military men.

Some minutes ago Vladimir Putin said that Czechia by means of Russia covers three quarters of the requirements for gas and that the contract with Gazprom it is signed till 2035. This phrase in which appeared, seemed to me, the concealed pride of Russia and its gas which can cover such requirements for such time, now looked absolutely on - to another. Now I understood that actually Vladimir Putin suggested Czechs to think that it it is more necessary - the Russian gas till 2035 or the American station of electronic tracking already today.

- I have explained to president Putin that this radar is not directed at all against Russian Federation, - the translator of a word of mister Klausa has transferred.

- I did not tell it, - the Czech president on - russki has with insult told.

the Translator with astonishment looked at it. It seemed, she does not understand, that wanted from it by this person. Then she has understood - and has translated its these words on the Czech.

- I have told that this project from the Czech party is not directed at all against Russia, - mister Klaus has added.

It - that is better than others knew, against whom the radar will be directed. And he, probably, did not want, that to it then attributed, as if it, having arrived to Moscow, pretended that something does not know.

mister Klaus insisted that matter is not in a radar, and in the project as a whole and that Czechia, placing the American station of tracking, in itself no anything against Russia has. From - for the translator the Czech president had to specify the thought, and from it it looked enough - taki ridiculous and naive. The translator has, seemingly, substituted the president.

I have looked at it. She lovely chirped about something with the Russian translator and, on - to mine, again at all did not hear mister Klausa.

When he has become silent, she has thought suddenly and began to translate:

- We should be engaged in cooperation in economic sphere...

- I apologise! - mister Klaus on - russki has angrily told. - I have not told Should be engaged !. I have told We are engaged ! It is a basic difference!

the translator has discontentedly shrugged shoulders.

mister Putin has declared that that occurs in Europe to arms should disturb him.

- we do everything to execute the obligations to partners, - he spoke more easy, than Vaclav Klaus.

He understood that there is a hope that it is that words will translate adequately. But the problem was that from an easy hand of the Czech translator everything have started to talk nonsense already, including he.

- we reduce the arms in Europe... e - e... In the European part of Russia, - he has told.

it is valid, the message that in Europe till now there are Russian arms though it and is steadily reduced, looked sensationally.

- Here does not remain any our heavy arms... - it has continued. - at the same time we know about NATO plans to construct in Bulgaria and Romania two bases on 5000 persons and to construct two item areas for elements of the American ABM in Czechia and Poland. It turns out that Russia disarms, and our partners occupy the European space the newest systems of arms... I want, that it was clear, in what novelty of a situation. It not that other, as a part of the newest system of nuclear strategic forces!. Yes, we will develop relations with all Europe, including with Czechia. But threat of mutual drawing of a damage and even destruction increases repeatedly!

Vladimir Putin was got more and more:

- In Europe for the first time in history there are elements of the American system of a nuclear strategic complex! Also it is necessary to realise that it radically will change a situation with military safety in Europe! For us it all the same that in due time placing Pershingov (that is rockets of small and average range. - And. K )!

the President of Russia here was right in the sense that the damage from modern station of electronic detection and tracking can be at least not smaller, than from pair tens flied up with a familiar spot Pershingov .

- We are ready to invite any experts from Poland, Czechia and other European countries, - the president of Russia continued, - that on the most simple materials to show that neither at terrorists, nor at the North Korea, at Iran of systems such is not present! Such rockets and systems are not present, and in the near future they will not appear!. We do not understand, what for to Europe now to force this agiotage connected with growth of arms. What the such occurs in Europe what demands these aggressive actions? Certainly, if such decisions are accepted, the Russian Federation reserves the right to itself adequately to answer them. But it does not mean that we will limit our economic and trade relations.

actually such threat during this moment, on - to mine, also has sounded.

It was found out that Vladimir Putin actually strongly is nervous, though he has there and then declared that does not gather isterit about it .

- We will simply accept corresponding steps, - he has added. - to Ural Mountains these systems will supervise the Russian territory, if we, of course, do not undertake reciprocal actions, and we will do it.

the Czech president have asked, whether have convinced its arguments of the president of Russia.

- Judging by that president Putin now spoke, the answer is received, - mister Klaus has gloomily smiled.

Presidents, thus, have met in Moscow opposite intentions. To mister Klausu this meeting was necessary to convince the president of Russia of safety of station for Russia. Vladimir Putin wanted, that the president of Czechia has so like its sincere reasons that would refuse to append the signature under the decision of the government and parliament of Czechia on system placing. Both that and other idea were absolutely unrealizable.

and all - taki mister Putin, already on a press - conferences, has undertaken last attack to Vaclav Klausa. It any more did not do for a long time any pauses, translators have fallen silent. The president of Czechia too has passed to Russian. They talked among themselves, having forgotten, on - to mine, about journalists, and I such on a press - conferences yet did not see.

- There are no arguments for placing of systems of the ABM in Europe, - mister Putin spoke. - at Iran from which ostensibly are going to be protected, such systems are not present and is not expected! That rockets have reached from Iran Europe, their range should be 5800 kilometres! As to terrorists it is simply ridiculous! What terrorists?! They operate with other methods! Threats from terrorists need to be prevented cooperation, instead of confrontation!

- I had two ambitions during this meeting, - the president of Czechia has sadly answered it. - in - the first, I tried to separate Russian - the Czech relations and this question. I am assured that it was possible.

He has heaved a deep sigh and has continued:

- the Second my ambition was such: to explain the Czech arguments for placing of such base at us. Judging by answers of the Russian president, this plan has failed.

In Malachite foyer during this moment has not laughed during this moment, on - to mine, only Vladimir Putin.

- however I have assured, - Vaclav Klaus has told, - that from the Czech party is not present the slightest intention that this station became threat for the Russian Federation...

- it is obvious that Czechia will not influence work of this system and to supervise over it, - the president of Russia this time has laughed.

reception was forbidden.