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Chinese - the Polish border

passes XVI Festival of new Polish cinema In the cinema House. MICHAEL TROFIMENKOV makes comments.
the temptation any festival Polish, Italian Is great or, for example, German, on cinema to make comments with crying intonation, than I and was engaged many years. Say, they had great epoch, and now national film school was blew off, has forgotten about eternal, has exchanged itself for trifles. All so. But from plaints masterpieces will not appear, so it is better to try to fix any objective tendencies which, God grant, gradually collecting, will give when - nibud bright results. And the first that you notice at festival of new Polish cinema, - its internationalisation. From six new films presented in the House of cinema, three are cosmopolitan. So, a ladies` comedy about misadventures of certain Judyty I still will show to you! (Ia wam pokaze! 2006) Denis Delich, the native of Zagreb has put.
Most exotic of these three films - Lovers of year of a tiger (Kochankowie roku tygrysa, 2005) Jatseka Bromski: joint statement with China as which Polish producer the author unforgettable " has acted; Va - bank Juliush Mahulski. Such attempt to make the Euroasian Hollywood. And as the general border at Poland with China while is not present, is thought up effective, though and absorbed in itself set of stereotypes of genre cinema, a subject course. On the eve of the First World War two exiled of the Pole run from a Siberian exile. A taiga, mortally dangerous crossing through the Cupid, rescue of one of fugitives the Chinese - the hunter. Being afraid of a heat of the gallant sir, it changes clothes, just as the Mexican peasant from the Magnificent seven the 16 - the summer daughter, but in the history of cinema there are no examples that such gender camouflage though has misled somebody. The normal show suddenly increasing potential audience of a film etak on one and a half billion of spectators.
most original though it very vulgarised and zaboltannoj is devoted a Holocaust theme, a film - Nina`s Travel (Podroz Niny, 2005) Lena Ejnhorn. The director - the Swede, yes not absolutely: her mother Nina Ejnhorn by miracle has survived in due time in the Warsaw ghetto. It makes comments, frostily, easy, not without unexpected irony, own youth dramatized on the screen: such here strange cinema object, zavisshy in a zone between fiction and non - fiction. And the youth in a ghetto appears surprisingly similar to any other youth: family quarrels, the school successes, the first love. Only here characters surrounding the heroine why - that one after another disappear for ever.
Mnogoobeshchajushche from the point of view of development of traditions of the Polish psychological drama looks Shame (Wstyd, 2006) Peter Matvejchika: History of the widower shipped in depression, it 14 - the summer daughter provoking the teacher of music, and the friend of the family who is watching its hasty maturing.
evolution of other traditional motives " is interesting also; the Polish school . For example, the theme of Catholicism giving mystical power to masterpieces of Andrzej Vajdy and Ezhi Kavalerovicha. the Judicial executor (Komornik, 2005) Felix Falka, in general, a film about a miracle: a miracle of awakening of conscience in the ruthless official ready to execute the judgement to confiscate even a statue of the Mother of god. But the miracle it is retold so toporno, almost parodijno that forces to regret about times, when a Catholic component, as in Ashes and diamond (1958) Andrzejs Vajdy, hid in subconsciousness.