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Show of candidates

can be defined Within the next few days the Perm three “ an United Russia “ (ER) on elections in the State Duma. The most probable candidates for the list observers name operating deputies of the State Duma - Yury Medvedev and Andrey Klimov, and also the secretary of local branch Gennady Tushnolobova and speaker ZS Nikolay Devjatkina. Thus governor Oleg Chirkunov heading ER on elections in Legislative Assembly of edge, most likely, does not become “ a steam locomotive “ parties. Experts believe that the basic competition for hit in a three will be developed between deputies of the State Duma and “ dark horses “ from Moscow. As the high council bureau " became known „“, one of these days; an United Russia “ will discuss preliminary three of regional lists of party on elections in the State Duma. The head Perm partjachejki ER Gennady Tushnolobov has not excluded „“ that similar negotiations can be conducted in Moscow. However in Prikamye, as he said, three formation will come to the end only in the first decade of June - after information gathering on most “ worthy “ to people of edge and carrying out original inner-party prajmeriz. The vice-president of fraction “ an United Russia “ in ZS Vladimir Rybakin also has refused detailed comments. “ the only thing that I can tell - Yury Medvedev and Andrey Klimov`s nominees " are considered; - he has noted. However, pre-election “ the locomotive “ Perm ER it can be generated much earlier. According to the high-ranking source „“ in krajadministratsii, the question with a three should dare during “ several days “. He has explained such haste desire to open propaganda campaign and to begin promotion of candidates. He also has informed that the line Ή1 will be occupied with one of the federal politicians, the second and third places can be distributed between mister Tushnolobovym and the speaker of Legislative Assembly Nikolay Devjatkinym. According to the informed interlocutor „“ in ER, now in the first three 12 nominees are considered. “ among them Gennady Tushnolobova`s surname more often is called. Komi - district recommended the deputy from Andrey Klimov`s this territory, the edge south - Yury Medvedev “ - has informed a source.

we will remind that the law on elections in the State Duma which was formed before on the mixed system (225 deputies were selected on partspiskam and 225 - on one-mandatory districts), has been essentially updated in 2005. Transition to elections only on partspiskam which 86 regional groups in territories where live from 650 thousand to 3 million voters should consist of a federal part (three candidates) and at least became the main innovation. Prikamye in the parliament upper chamber now is represented by 5 deputies - odnomandatnikov. Except already mentioned legislators is United Russia party member Pavel Anokhin, and also spravedlivorossy - Valentina Savostyanov and Victor Pohmelkin.

it is necessary to notice that mister Anokhin is the consecutive critic of the provincial authorities and even proposed the nominee on elections of the head of Perm in the spring of 2006 though the party has officially supported other United Russia party member - Igor Shubina. On the other hand, inclusion in the list of mister Klimov would become “ good will gesture “ after association of Komi - Permjatsky district and the Perm area in one subject. Thus Yury Medvedev, being the first deputy of the co-ordinator of Privolzhsky inter-regional coordination council of party, was the responsible representative on elections in edges ZS. Besides in party it is considered skilled peregovorshchikom. To contact mister Medvedev „“ yesterday it was not possible.

it is interesting that in quality “ a steam locomotive “ parties do not appear yet large regional officials. The interlocutor „“ in ER has informed that the nominee of governor Oleg Chirkunova precisely was not sounded in the list. We will remind that inclusion in a three of mister Chirkunova and the Perm town governor Igor Shubina has not justified itself on the elections which have passed in December in edges ZS. At a problem to type at least 42 % of votes, to United Russia party members has got only 34,5 % - the worst result in the autumn elective company of 2006. “ yes, Oleg Chirkunov led the party list, being thus the unique non-party governor in PFO. However elections in the State Duma it is perfect other level “ - has noted a source „“. Occurrence of United Russia party member Igor Shubina in a three which under elections in ZS was indisputable, also remains in doubt. Probably, it is dictated by criticism to the town governor from - for road problems in Perm.

the Perm political scientist Oleg Podvintsev believes that partspisok ER in region will be generated according to an estimation of results of elections in ZS. “ If United Russia party members recognise as their good in the first three the rate will be made on “loyalty“ and “reception of an administrative resource”, - the expert has informed „“. - if will feel that the given principle is subject to failure in partspisok people from not political sphere or from among local government will be invited. Probably, to them candidates from deputy case ZS " will be added;. The political scientist notices that the basic competition for hit in the list will for certain be developed between operating deputies of the State Duma.
Artem Voronenko