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the Perm network Vivat has refused merge with Bashkir the Matrix . The owner of a network Vadim Jusupov has informed On it . Now Perm ritejler intend to master Bashkiria independently and this year to open in republic one supermarket. Analysts notice that merges between regional ritejlerami occur seldom enough as networks their owners who have different lines of thought to development usually operate. Yesterday the owner of the Perm network of supermarkets Vivat and NormaN Vadim Jusupov has informed that the company has refused intentions on acquisition or merge with Bashkir ritejlerom the Matrix . Also will master now the Bashkir food market independently. us a task in view to enter on the market this year. We should open in Ufa at least one supermarket - mister Jusupov has noted. It did not begin to make comments in detail on the reason divorce but has specified that financial indicators of a network not too were pleasant to it. we would not like to unite business. But we remain partners. In particular, the company, most likely, will be one of suppliers in our shops in Ufa - the owner of the Perm network has added.

group NormaN - Vivat operates 127 shops and is the leader in the market of a food retail of the Perm area. A network gain Vivat following the results of 2006 has made $167,7 million In a network 43 shops enter, 35 from which are located in Perm. A network of alcoholic supermarkets NormaN (is engaged in alcohol retail), consists of 55 supermarkets in the Perm edge and 29 - in St.-Petersburg. Its gain following the results of 2006 has made $50,4 million In a grocery network the Matrix Enters more than 20 supermarkets in Bashkiria and one hypermarket in Moscow. A turn expected following the results of year Matrixes - $190 million that the Perm network intends to expand the influence in the next regions, it became known about half a year back. The owner Norms Vadim Jusupov said that it is a question both of purchase, and about association in the uniform company. It conducted the most long negotiations with the owner Bashkir Matrixes Timur Gizatullinym. With mister Gizatullinym yesterday it was not possible to communicate.

According to participants of the market, the party could change the mind for various reasons, but, certainly, in a basis - the financial reasons. conditions for merge or purchase always the economic. Possibly, they did not suit the party - has assumed the general director of Open Company UK eks Svetlana Kuzmich.

the Director of department IK Aton Alexander Grigoriev notices that even if, from the point of view of logistics, association of two networks reasonably and rationally, to it the different reasons can prevent. By its estimations, merges among regional ritejlerov occur infrequently, almost always it is absorption (when one of the parties has controlling stock and the priority right of management of the company). In the majority of the regional companies shareholders are both founders, and operating partners. In this situation people have got used to build business according to the representations, and for merge the joint body of decision-making is necessary. But in that case partners should have uniform strategic targets and the approach to business management that happens infrequently - the analyst marks.
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