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The hero of drama work

Yesterday early in the morning in Petersburg on eighty second of life has died the national actor of the USSR, the Hero of Socialist Work, the art director of Big Drama Theatre of a name Tovstonogova Cyril Jurevich Lavrov.
recently Cyril Lavrov had a serious illness, but to speak about it it was not accepted. He did not resolve. Cyril Lavrov possessed rare quality for the actor, it has been at all deprived narcissism and propensity to an egocentrism. After George Tovstonogova`s death, in 1989, it at the desire of companions on troupe has charged itself(himself) jarmo with managements of the deserted theatre. Also could not dump it when this employment has resolutely bored. About what he so directly also spoke: to send all to hell . Instead of could, call of duty disturbed. At the very beginning of 1990 - h he dreamt to lead to a management of theatre of young directors. Now this thought seems banal then it was sensational. To make it have not given.

Legendary zavlit George Tovstonogova Dina Morisovna Schwarz told about it simply: whether Well Cyril is guilty, what it is pleasant to all? However, all - in a context of its story about party leaders from Romanov to Gorbachev. By the way, head Big Drama Theatre Cyril Lavrov could in 1975. In partapparate at last - that have felt in Tovstonogove the latent dissident and suggested to head theatre Lavrovu. He has refused and has explained, why over theatre the ingenious director, instead of the talented actor should supervise. Let even the executor of a role of Lenin. Contrary to a popular belief, Lenin Lavrov has played not set, and only four times. Two times on a scene, two times at cinema. In thirty five years it hardly is not necessary to it of career. Party leaders demanded other roles to Lavrovu not to give, not to erase gold impression. The actor that always aspired to erase gilding of this image. In 1968 its Lenin persuaded not to give Finland to independence, and to enter there armies, the leader disagreed. And Cyril Lavrov, playing this episode, thought of input of our tanks to Czechoslovakia.

Cyril Lavrova`s heroes were able to think at cinema and on a scene. Its social heroes were the idealists firmly holding a back and piously trusting owing to dream and thought. Chief designer Andrey Bashkirtsev from a film " was that also; fire Taming - the best Soviet film about outer space exploration. And it is possible, it is the best - on a level with Ivan Karamazov and Sintsovym from Live and dead - Cyril Lavrova`s film role.

the Cinema propagandised Cyril Lavrova as the ideal social hero. With what George Tovstonogov even reproached the actor: Kira, me disturbs that you began to appear much at cinema in the same kind, you should play another... has told and has appointed for a role of the cynic Salty in Three sisters . In Big Drama Theatre, at the main theatre where Cyril Lavrov has come in 1955, he always played another and on - chelovecheski more difficult. Molchalina in the Grief from mind . astrova in to uncle Vane . In a year of the 75 - letija has played Mattias Klauzena`s role in a drama of Gauptmana Before sunset is there was a performance about crash of the right to free life from a petty-bourgeois environment, on last love. That struggle for this right is doomed, senseless, but also it is necessary to struggle.

Among Cyril Lavrova`s numerous awards is the Gold mask handed over for honour and advantage - in its case this formulation should be taken literally. In September, 2005, on anniversary, in honour of the eightieth anniversary of the actor, evening from Big Drama Theatre scene the offer has sounded to enter into use a unit of measure of human decency and to name its one laurels - And in it there was only a small share of a joke.

civil funeral will pass on April, 29th with 13. 00 to 15. 00 in Big Drama Theatre of G.A.Tovstonogova. Funeral will take place on the Theological cemetery in St.-Petersburg.