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- I Congratulate on the best holiday remarkable, surprising actress Larissa Udovichenko whom very much I love. Dreamt and dream to appear near to it on a set. All blessings. Garmash.

45 years to the actor and race driver Nikolay Fomenko

It on April, 30th are executed the director Ivan Dyhovichnyj congratulates:

- Nikolay Fomenko - the person who is not changing in the course of time, he does not grow old. It because Kohl all is interesting. It unique from actors who is impressive not only to a trade, but also to the family, to the children. Kohl Fomenko always will come to the rescue, if it to ask. Still it does not cave in before difficulties and very much appreciates friendship. The simple inhabitant can have an impression that it the person positive, but it breaks this positive image the irony and sarcasm.

Today Kohl celebrates anniversary, and it seems to me that that it has made for the short life, would suffice another on five - six. That is life at If rough and adult. But that it so strongly likes cars, is a proof that it still the boy. Kohl! Big to you of happiness, health, all to you kind.