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mnogotomnik kuritsynskih

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Naberezhnye Chelny has brought accusations to 12 local residents who, under the version of the investigation, make a gang Kuritsynsky Kuritsynymi headed by two brothers - 46 - summer Yury and 39 - summer Andrey. It incriminates murders, kidnappings, illegal storage of the weapon and causing of heavy harm to health. As the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor of Tatarstan on especially important issues Oleg Uljanchenko has informed yesterday , charges by suspect have been shown by Office of Public Prosecutor of Naberezhnye Chelny in the beginning of April. Criminal case makes 23 volumes. Under the version of the investigation, a gang Kuritsynsky it was formed in Naberezhnye Chelny in 1996. Its senior from Kuritsynyh - Yury has headed. Till this time it was not known in criminal circles of a city unlike the brother - Andrey Kuritsyn had the business - shop the Lagoon Extensive communications with leaders of local groupings and the small brigade Lagunovsky . In 1996 naberezhnochelninsky the underworld has offered it and its brigade to be engaged kryshevaniem the local Komsomol market. Before the market was under the influence of a brigade Nurovsky led by their leader on a nickname of Nur, which was guilty before local friends - was frightened and has run away from any next dismantling between groupings. Andrey has refused the offer, but has recommended a nominee of the brother which as a result has been confirmed. Yury has quickly hammered together a brigade where have joined and lagunovskie which began to call Kuritsynsky . The gang had good monetary feed from the market - it regularly protected businessmen from arrivals of other groupings, and those to it generously paid for services. The gang has been well armed - it had some automatic machines, pistols and sawn-off shotguns, and relations between participants were under construction on strict discipline. With those who from kuritsynskih has been noticed in a drug addiction, Kuritsyn - the senior ruthlessly finished. So, according to the investigation, in March, 1999 kuritsynskie to death have hammered in the companion on a nickname of Stepych which took heroin. Murders in a gang were made by order of. Kuritsynsky were not such known, as the organised criminal community (OPS) 29 - j a complex or Tagirjanovsky (members of the first OPS have been condemned in July of last year, and the last now judge in tatarstanskom the Supreme court), but differed resoluteness and aggression. Those who attempted upon sphere of their influence, they eliminated immediately. So, in October, 1997 they have stolen and have shot one of confidants of the leader nurovskih on a nickname Tooth when that has arrived to them on negotiations. Nur wanted to restore the influence in the market at least partially and asked at kuritsynskih a small share. And in 1998 as believes a consequence, Yury Kuritsyn has decided to expand sphere of the influence - has wanted to crush under itself some commercial structures in naberezhnochelninskom settlement Sidorovke. The leader local OPG Sidorovsky the Iceberg was indignant with the given circumstance. Its insurgents even raskolotili into smithereens some cars belonging kuritsynskim . In revenge those at first have killed one of businessmen who was under control sidorovskih - have taken out it to wood and there killed, and then have eliminated also the Iceberg - have hammered armature rods. People of Kuritsyna could take over the control several businessmen from settlement. The same year accused, under the version of the investigation, have made attempt at the director naberezhnochelninskoj the firm which were engaged in repair of facades of buildings of KamAZa. Kuritsyn wanted to put on its place of the father of one of the insurgents. The first time it have beaten hammers on a head, but it has survived. The second time they tried to shoot the director, but too unsuccessfully. Firm capture is not has gone right.

according to the investigation, a gang Kuritsynsky for the unknown reasons has broken up in itself in 2000. Andrey Kuritsyn continued to be engaged in business in Naberezhnye Chelny, and his brother Yury has moved to live in the city of Semenov of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. In the beginning of 2006 the law enforcement bodies which already having experience of struggle against the organised crime and have typed on were kuritsynskih the compromising evidence suffices, have raised in the relation them criminal cases. Yury Kuritsyn has been detained on August, 14th the same year in Semenove as a result of joint operation Nizhniy Novgorod UBOP and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan.

As inspector Uljanchenko has told, in the beginning of May the accused will start to get acquainted with materials of the criminal case. Under its forecasts, business can be transferred in the Supreme court of Tatarstan not earlier than the end of this year. Yesterday the lawyer of one of accused, were, under the version of the investigation, the rank-and-file member of a gang, has on the condition of anonymity informed that at it already now there are doubts that the consequence was conducted correctly . It has refrained From detailed comments before definitive studying of materials of business . Accused rather impressive terms threaten. Only article for deliberate causing of heavy harm to health provides the maximum punishment till 15 years of imprisonment.

Andrey Smirnov