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Poets have shown documents

In Swiss None the festival of documentary cinema Visions du Reel (wrote about its opening on April, 24th) has come to the end. Throughout a week documentation officers from every corner of the globe showed the films. The main prize of festival has got to the family saga Sons German documentation officer Volkera Koeppa. The festival jury has returned again to eternal values not only life, but also dokumentalistiki. From Nona - the MAYA - STRAVINSKY.
Volker Koepp the documentation officer with the experience, undoubtedly, the coryphaeus European dokumentalistiki and the old favourite of the Swiss festival. Since 1997 any festival did not do without its works, and time and again they were anyhow encouraged with jury. This year on Visions du Reel Volker Koepp has brought the family saga Sons (Sohne) also has won the main prize of 15 thousand francs.

in this film the history of life of the Polish woman and her sons is told. The family chronicle - it is intolerable a boring genre, but in Sons detailed interviews, biographies, peretrjahivanie family photo albums look splinters on which the melodramatic and adventurous history simultaneously is stood. During the Second World War the heroine has run away from Poland to Germany, from four sons it has been compelled to leave a two in Poland. After war it comes back to Poland for remained sons, but one does not find, and instead of the second takes away not the child. From this history the quite good film script, like " would turn out; the Choice of Sofi . Than not the epos - history of Europe of the XX-th century on an example of one family. But for Volkera Koeppa it is too obvious and even the vulgar approach. In effect, its historical outline interests much less sensation of an internal panic investigated by it, constant sense of guilt which did not leave the unfortunate woman to the death.

the author alternates This dry research by kinds of the nature, the details which have been snatched out from a landscape, change the point of view for this saga - it turns out, it is history at all about war and borders, and about elements of life, related to that nature which so Volker Koepp admires and which directs human destinies where will want.

other prize-winner of festival - a film Welcome Europe ( Welcome, Europe ) - Has been estimated by ecumenical jury. It is the story about the European illegal immigrants. Thorough work: documentation officer Bruno Ulmer was passed across Spain, Italy, Romania, to France and the Romanian has thoroughly studied the life, Moroccans unsteady on stations, Kurds. Its heroes - men who have gone on earnings in fantastic, on hearings, Europe behind the best life. And get to the inhospitable country and are terribly surprised that to illegal emigrants here concern as garbage.

stories are similar one to another. Language do not know, work not to find, the only thing to whom they are necessary, - local the gay - to community. Humiliating position of sexual slaves does not suit these men, but, except prostitution, they have nothing to be engaged in Europe. As a matter of fact, monstrously banal theme. Tearful films about outcast emigrants and crackers - Europeans on everyone big festival from tens. Difference of this picture in the masterful visual number, which Bruno Ulmer has time to build, when removes the juicy invoice. Men discuss conditions of joint co-habitation: the aged European says that it does not like clothes of the young man, after all it was bought to it by other men. there are no problems, - the Moroccan answers. - tomorrow you to me can buy another . And thus on colour, on a composition, it is simple on visual dynamics - surprisingly powerful shots. That is the collector of the facts has not killed the artist in Bruno Ulmere.

others noted by prizes at picture festival differed the same weighed poetic tone. The first snow on trees which brightens up life of poor Polish family, a film episode Das Leben ist ein langer Tag ( Life is one long day ) Recognised as the best in competition Regards neufs . Or the doorway which, if to remove from distance, appears to a ceiling is filled by the sea from a film about the Senegalese, singer Jusun D ` Ur to which have preferred in competition of the Swiss films, or the same northern landscapes of Volkera Koeppa.

the Combination of artistry, a poetic sight at a reality and a documentary history on Visons du Reel 2007 has appeared the most important theme. That is as the corner-stone the jury has put eternal values high dokumentalistiki: when the episodes snatched out from a reality are comprehended almost poeticheski, without washing away thus a chain of the facts, and are built in difficult product. Last year participants of festival actively theorised: where those borders which separate dokumentalistiku from videoarta and from the reporting. In the competitive program of this year that sufficed also both another: impressionist video diaries, and films - investigations have been presented also. But, judging by a jury choice, theoretical divisions on Visions du Reel have refused, in time having thought that dokumentalistika, attentively investigating a diverse reality, it is not less diverse. This time the jury has arrived how professional documentation officers usually arrive, - has allocated the best. And poetical.