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DOVSE and all - all - all

On Thursday evening in Oslo head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov has declared that relations of Moscow and the NATO were at a deadlock. As he said, the balance of forces of region is broken for a long time in favour of the North Atlantic alliance that is why the moratorium declared by Russia on actions DOVSE in any way will not affect it. Plans of Moscow to leave the contract already have caused an alarm in the Old World where are afraid of new race of arms. As the originator of an aggravation here consider the USA which are occupied by placing of elements of the ABM in Europe. Experts believe that entering of split into numbers of the NATO and was the purpose of the Russian demarche.
the statement which has sounded on Thursday of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin for introduction by Moscow of the moratorium on actions DOVSE by evening of the same day head has been compelled to explain the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. It was demanded from it by participants of a meeting of council Russia - the NATO at level of heads of foreign policy departments which has opened in Oslo. As mister Lavrov has declared, preservation of the contract on usual armed forces in Europe (DOVSE) contradicts interests of safety of Russia. balance (forces in region. - ) for a long time it is broken, and it is broken considerably in favour of the NATO countries - Sergey Lavrov has noted.

as he said, the situation in the world has cardinally changed. and we pretend, limiting myself in the territory that we strengthen the safety in the face of growth and strengthening of military presence of the countries of the NATO at our borders - the diplomat has declared. Thus, he has underlined, refusal of the countries of the NATO to ratify adapted DOVSE has led to that the logic of the contract has been depreciated, the contract became senseless . Anybody from members of the NATO does not execute this contract, and we would not like to look, as though we participate in absurdity theatre - the minister has noted.

plans of Moscow have caused the most rigid reaction from the USA. As has declared US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice, Russia should adhere to the obligations containing in DOVSE, concerning principles of placing of military planes, tanks and the non-nuclear weapon. these are the obligations assured by the contract, and as expect, all will adhere to them - it cut off.

meanwhile, giving reason for the decision of the authorities of the Russian Federation on a possible exit from DOVSE, Sergey Lavrov almost has word for word repeated the statement of US president George Bush of six-year prescription when the owner of the White house declared that Washington stops membership in the contract on the ABM. the ABM is a vestige of cold war. As the commander-in-chief armed forces of the USA I cannot admit, that the USA remained participants of the contract which prevents to develop to us effective systems of self-defence - mister Bush has declared in December, 2001.

As many European experts believe, this step, and then the published plans of Washington to place in Czechia and Poland elements of the ABM of the USA and have forced Moscow to pass to language of ultimatums. And though in the Old World the decision of Russia name erroneous, it causes understanding. According to head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy Massimo D ` Alemy, the project on installation of elements of the ABM of the USA in Poland and Czechia has generated misunderstanding not only in relations with Russia, but also among the NATO countries. As mister D ` has noted Alema, Europe tries to smooth things over the Russian and American positions. as Europeans we more than others are interested in preventing confrontation growth between the Russian Federation and the USA. We should stop urgently it - head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank Walter Shtajnmajer echoed it yesterday. And their Netherlands colleague Maxim Verhagen at all named Vladimir Putin`s statement, concerning announcements of the moratorium on execution by Russia DOVSE, Very rigid installation for participants of the contract, which should make all necessary for its ratification . The Netherlands yet did not ratify DOVSE.

Officially Moscow did not declare till now ultimatum periods of validity on DOVSE. As Vladimir Putin has declared, the moratorium should operate until all countries of the NATO do not ratify the contract and will not start in practice it to execute . In the North Atlantic alliance ratification co-ordinate to a withdrawal of Russian troops from Georgia and Moldova. According to the West, it clearly follows from the Istanbul agreements on adaptation DOVSE. In Moscow hold other opinion. if again there will be an old song about coordination of this question (about contract ratification. - ) with problems of a conclusion of military bases from Georgia and Moldova though these questions legally are not connected, it will start those mechanisms about which president Vladimir Putin " spoke in action; - Sergey Lavrov has declared. Yesterday anonymous high-ranking sources in the Kremlin have informed that on ratification the NATO countries have a year. Then Russia leaves from DOVSE.