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vitse - the mayor of Khabarovsk took for errors

In Khabarovsk law enforcement officers yesterday has been detained vitse - the mayor, the director of department of town-planning, architecture and land tenure goradministratsii Victor Novitsky. The regional Office of Public Prosecutor suspects him of abusing powers. Today to mister Novitsky will bring accusation, and the court will consider the petition of Office of Public Prosecutor for its arrest.
criminal case upon unreasonable increase of cost of building of habitation by an association management Ssudosberegajushchee building association - 1 (SSST - 1) the Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory has got in December, 2006. Suspect on this business passed vitse - the mayor of Khabarovsk Victor Novitsky heading department of town-planning and architecture goradministratsii. The basis to start criminal investigation of a steel of the statement of shareholders SSST - 1 which have complained of company management in Office of Public Prosecutor.

SSST - 1 in due time it has been founded by the mayoralty of Khabarovsk, and has headed it vitse - mayor Victor Novitsky. The Office of Public Prosecutor incriminated it abusing powers (item 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). Yesterday mister Novitsky have detained, and as has declared and. Islands of the public prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory Gennady Fadeev, today vitse - to the mayor will bring accusation, and the court, in turn, will consider the problem on preventive punishment election. The Office of Public Prosecutor insists on arrest vitse - mayor Novitsky.

as have told in Office of Public Prosecutor, check of activity of management SSST - 1, the habitation which has unreasonably raised cost erected within the limits of the program the Memory scheme of acquisition of habitation in Khabarovsk has revealed abusings. According to the investigation, in 2003 - 2004 the board of association which heads vitse - mayor Novitsky, has involved means of citizens for building of houses in the Khabarovsk microdistrict Big - Vjazemsky, having hidden real cost of the project. With shareholders have concluded contracts, having specified cost of building at a rate of 15,5 thousand rbl. for 1 sq. m. However soon it was found out that at the moment of the conclusion of contracts the building estimate on which 1 sq. m cost 18,8 thousand rbl.

Board SSST has been confirmed - has been compelled to inform shareholders on financial difficulties 1 summer of 2006 and to recognise errors. It has been declared necessity of increase in investments. The part of shareholders has regarded it as infringement of the rights. Having agreed with the overestimated factor (it raised twice), in December, 2006 shareholders have refused to bring an additional payment - 2 thousand rbl. for each square metre - and have addressed in Office of Public Prosecutor. After criminal case has been brought and in January inspectors have withdrawn accounting documents SSST - 1, Victor Novitsky has declared that budget cost of building (25,6 thousand rbl. for 1 sq. And the demanded sizes of monthly payments have been calculated correctly and on the lawful bases. this my child, I know by heart, how many there is each brick and on what each copeck has left, and I am not afraid neither checks of Office of Public Prosecutor, nor courts - mister Novitsky confirmed. Yesterday it was inaccessible to comments.

, Khabarovsk