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Fat atom

President Vladimir Putin has signed yesterday the decree About re-structuring of a nuclear power industrial complex of the Russian Federation which assumes state holding creation Atomenergoprom . However, as it became known, reforming of nuclear branch on it will not end. Atomenergoprom becomes a corporation part Rosatom which will supervise also a defensive part of branch and will incur a part of functions of Agency on atomic engineering (Rosatom). Sources in nuclear branch assert that on the same way can go and Rosoboroneksport and Corporation on nanotehnologijam.
President Vladimir Putin has signed yesterday the decree About re-structuring of a nuclear power industrial complex of the Russian Federation providing state holding creation Atomenergoprom (AEP). As have informed in Rosatom, AEP it is planned to found till July, 1st, and till December, 1st, 2007 in the company stock 55 aktsionirovannyh FGUPov " should be transferred; civil parts of nuclear branch. Already there is a candidate on post of the head AEP - by data, it is supposed that at a transitive stage over the company Vladimir Travin will supervise zamglavy Rosatom.

we Will note, decree signing was supposed several months ago - last time was planned that Vladimir Putin will dispose to create AEP after visiting of Kurchatovsky institute on April, 18th. However decree signing was tightened, and on April, 26th in the message the president has unexpectedly declared to Federal meeting possibility of creation of state corporation which should unite in the uniform administrative centre all actives of nuclear branch, including the enterprises of military sector.

Yesterday the high-ranking source in branch has explained, what exactly the idea of state corporation in nuclear branch and became an obstacle in a way of signing of the decree. As he said, only for last three weeks Vladimir Putin has held two meetings concerning creation of corporation with the working name Rosatom . One of the main candidates on a post of its head on - former the author of idea " is considered; Atomenergoproma the head of Rosatom Sergey Kirienko though it is not excluded that the president (according to the source, the idea of creation of corporation belongs personally to the president) will pick up on this post of other candidate.

the structure of state corporation and its status will be defined by the special law. In management Rosatom will be transferred jaderno - a weapon complex, a complex of nuclear and radiating safety and a complex of fundamental scientific researches, and also AEP. The corporation will not have the property right to actives, but will receive them in management since 2008. most of all it is similar to the noncommercial organisation or, say, on the Central bank - the interlocutor speaks. Corporation Rosatom under these data, will receive a part of functions of Rosatom.

the described scheme reminds reform of Ministry of Railways divided into agency at Ministry of Transport and joint-stock company of the Russian Railway - behind that exception that state corporation Rosatom it is not supposed aktsionirovat, no less than part FGUPov and the state enterprises of military nuclear manufactures which it will operate. Thus the source in nuclear branch has not excluded that under the same scheme to state corporation also will be transformed Rosoboroneksport . Under the data, under the same scheme it is supposed to create and Corporation on development nanotehnology about which the president also spoke in the message. Thus from - under direct control of the government corporation Rosatom will be, probably, it is deduced - by data, the head of state corporation will be accountable to the president and will be appointed it, instead of the government. For formation of such structure it is required to make changes in 20 - 25 laws, including abreast the constitutional laws.

we will note, in 1990 - 1992 in the USSR and Russia analogues " were already created; state corporations - concerns (for example, concern Gazprom and concern Aluminium ) . By 1994 they or aktsionirovalis, or have broken up from - for privatisations of the companies entering into it. However, the creation scenario state corporations Vladimir Putin privatisation does not provide. By data, the concept state corporations in a case with Rosatom assumes access of private investors to cooperation with structure only in the pyramid basis - only in extraction of uranium and no more blocking share holding in extracting joint ventures. Capitalisation of similar structure will be extremely great: actives only future AEP in Rosatom estimate in $40 - 50 mlrd and expect their growth to $100 billion However, in agency underline: Figures are conditional, exchange quotations at ` ` are not present Atomenergoproma and will not be .