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Apolitical opposition

In Tolyatti gordume new oppositional deputy association - group " is created; Tolyatti in which four members of parliament have entered. The deputy group is created in a counterbalance of an operating Duma oppositional coalition, however, according to observers, will act in interests an United Russia . Besides, experts do not doubt that group creation will allow its participants to strengthen the lost political positions before possible dissolution of city parliament. Yesterday four deputies Tolyatti gordumy: three left fraction an United Russia - Peter Bulgakov, Michael Marjahin, Alexander Kobets, and also were sotsial - democrat Dmitry Shankov officially declared creation of new parliamentary association - Tolyatti . The group, under the statement of its participants, positions itself as constructive opposition also will be apolitical . The head Tolyatti Dmitry Shankov explains creation of association by dissociation gordumy that interferes with normal work parliament. The group should become a counterbalance Fair Russia and to deputy associations December and the Center which have created in the Tolyatti parliament not constructive opposition an United Russia . However, how constructive work of parliament will be built, mister Shankov has not specified.
we will remind, parliamentary crisis in Tolyatti lasts from the beginning of current year - from now on the parliament could not hold to the full any session from - for stable absence of quorum (less than 24 deputies). Besides, one of these days, in protest on the project of the new regulations, ten deputies (in a thought of 35 deputies) have declared all that they will not participate at all in plenums, thereby definitively having blocked parliament work (this week from - for absences not consent it has been broken two emergency meetings. - ). In reply to it, past Wednesday, a number Duma bears initiated procedure of dissolution of local Legislative Assembly that also by many observers it has been regarded, as split in most an United Russia (officially the fraction has not supported a position of the party fellows).
the representative of United Russia party members Alexander Dovgomelja has taken a positive view Of new association: The more opinions, the better . However has added that founders Tolyatti thereby have solved as - that itself to declare, that with them were considered . Mister Dovgomelja has not excluded that the overflowing of shots from fraction will proceed: Some, having received in party any blessing, suddenly remember the importance . Eser Dmitry Politsemako named new opposition an United Russia - 2 considering that association will act in interests bears . We (an oppositional coalition in a thought from Fair Russia December and the Center . - ) always offered an United Russia to solve all questions behind a negotiating table, instead of it is stupid at thought session. Before our political forces were equal. Now, sowing for a negotiating table, in a counterbalance to us will act not one, and two forces - Dmitry Politsemako has added. The chairman has agreed With it the Center Dmitry Zhukov who has named Tolyatti Properties and profanation . I consider that association has been created by a fraction management an United Russia for strengthening of positions of party in negotiating process with a coalition - he has noted. The representative December Borislav Grinblat doubts that Tolyatti will have in gordume political weight: They - that themselves did not represent before anything .
the Interlocutor in the mayoralties of Tolyatti, not wished to name the name, believes that creation of new deputy group by Dmitry Shankovym can speak liquidation SDPR (mister Shankov led the Tolyatti branch of party. - ): to it as, however, and to other deputies from group, it is necessary to type political points which they have lost for various reasons as there was now a probability of dissolution of a thought . It is planned that registration of deputy group will occur at the nearest session gordumy, next Wednesday.
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