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Volgotanker has reached court

In Samara litigation on business of four Samara heads of Open Society " has begun; Volgatanker accused of swindle and legalisation of incomes. Three more top - managers of shipping company - Alexander Aleksandrovich, Andrey Azarov and Ilya Kantsnelson, put by the State Office of Public Prosecutor on the international wanted list, to the Russian justice are not accessible yet. According to state charge, the general damage put by a management of Open Society Volgatanker to the state and shareholders of the company, it is estimated in 9,5 mlrd roubles. Yesterday in the Samara regional court has passed preliminary session on business of a management of Open Society Volgotanker . On a dock have appeared the former head of the Samara branch of shipping company Vladimir Korjakov (now - the head of the Bashkir branch of Open Society), the chief accountant of Open Society Love Bazilsky, the head of security service of the company Evgenie Artjuhov, the head of a navigable policy Volgotankera Yury Isaichev. The Office of Public Prosecutor accuses them of swindle (item 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) and legalisation of incomes (item 174 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). In the relation of three more figurants - eks - the chairman of board of directors of the enterprise Alexander Aleksandrovicha, the chief executive of a management company Volgotanker - AMS Andrey Azarov and the head of Danish company Volgotanker Marine Services Ilya Kantsnelsona which accuse even of abusing powers (item 201 of the criminal code of Russian Federation), - business is allocated in separate manufacture. All of them are in the international search, and the State Office of Public Prosecutor achieves their extradition from Great Britain. As state accuser Ilya Rodomakin has informed , the general damage put by a management of Open Society Volgatanker to the state and shareholders of the company, it is estimated in 9,5 mlr. Roubles.
yesterday the protection party has acted with the petition for delivery by defendant of a copy of the bill of particulars. They got acquainted with business materials, but the copy was not handed over to them, as business is confidential. We will think how to observe state secret and the rights of defendants - mister Rodomakin has informed, preliminary hearings will last 2 - 3 weeks, and then the court will start a legal investigation in essence.
Volgotanker - until recently one of the largest river carriers of oil products to Russia, which fleet totals 353 vessels. Following the results of 2005 the company has received 1 mlrd 107 million 510 thousand roubles dead loss under the Russian standards of accounting (RSBU) against 6,5 million roubles of net profit year before. In the first quarter 2006 the shipping company has received 158 million roubles of dead loss. Since 1992 the company is officially registered in Samara. Till 2000 it structures NK " operated; YUKOS .

we Will remind that the Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges against Open Society management Volgotanker on August, 11th 2004 upon illegal compensation of the VAT for 1999 - 2005 about 988 million rbl. Later the sum of claims has increased in the sum taking into account percent and the opened abusings a top - managers of shipping company. In the end of February, 2005 the regional Office of Public Prosecutor has in absentia brought accusation in swindle and legalisation of incomes to Alexander Aleksandrovichu, Andrey Azarov, Ilya Kantsnelsonu, having put them on the international wanted list. Then in connection with occurrence in business intelligence criminal case materials have been coded. In this connection all judicial sessions on business Volgotankera will pass in the closed mode. According to the high-ranking source in the Samara regional Office of Public Prosecutor, the scheme of swindle of a management of Open Society looked as follows. The shipping company transferred Danish Volgotanker Marine Services (it owners " actually supervised; Volgotankera ) And a number of other foreign companies in rent of court for export transportations of oil and oil products. for export transportations VAT compensation is provided. Documents were made out in such a manner that as a carrier ostensibly acted Volgotanker though the shipping company was only the lessor of courts for the foreign companies - have explained in regional Office of Public Prosecutor. In this department believe that under the law Volgotanker should get only profit on delivery of courts and commands in rent. they have received from the state during 1999 - 2004 VAT compensation for export transportations for the sum about 988 million roubles - the interlocutor has underlined. From the end of spring of 2006 company activity is actually frozen: into accounts, property Volgotankera arrest is put (a total cost of property being now under arrest, including vessels, exceeds 1,3 mlrd roubles. - ), the quantity of workers of Open Society was reduced from 10 thousand to 2 thousand persons. As a result, as believe in Office of Public Prosecutor, a top - managers of Open Society meaningly prepared shipping company for self-liquidation.
the Samara management Volgotankera in our opinion, it is guilty that realised the scheme on withdrawal from the budget nearby 1 mlrd roubles under the pretext of returning from the budget of tax privileges, - the chief of department on investigation especially important issues of regional Office of Public Prosecutor Alexander Makarov has informed yesterday . - Further money was put in financial operations, the Cyprian banks - the profit was thrown off for a cordon, and shareholders (20 % of the action of Open Society belong to the state. - ) have received a damage in 9,5 mlrd roubles . According to mister Makarova, during the investigation accused had been asked a question why the company profit leaves to Denmark to the detriment of shareholders, but the shipping company management answers it could not .
Yesterday the accused have refused to answer questions . Lag behind us! Everything that speak about Volgotankere is a delirium! - Vladimir Korjakov has declared. we have given a subscription about nondisclosure, therefore we can not make comments on anything, - lawyer Andrey Suchkov has declared. - my client is innocent, all charges look ridiculously, and state charge itself is confused in amounts of damage .
Pavel Sedakov, Samara