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Metallurgists earn additionally on checkpoints

Top - the Isetsky regional Office of Public Prosecutor of Ekaterinburg has begun check of validity of a paid throughput mode in Open Company territory VISAS - the Steel for clients of the commercial organisations renting the free areas of the enterprise. The metallurgical company in legality of the actions do not doubt. However lawyers do not exclude that the Office of Public Prosecutor can regard introduction of payment for an input as restriction of the rights of tenants. As the public prosecutor has told Top - Isetsky area of Ekaterinburg Dmitry Putintsev, check of legality of introduction of a paid input at factory VISAS - the Steel (specialises on release spetsstalej, daughter NLMK) has been organised after an exit on April, 25th a plot on TV channel Russia - Ural Mountains . The matter is that VISAS - the Steel leases to the commercial organisations the free areas (only 22 tenants). To pass on factory territory it is possible through 6 checkpoints. On two of them who are an exit to rented buildings, the payment for clients of tenants - 3 roubles is entered.

in Office of Public Prosecutor about a check course yet do not speak. As have told at factory, the supervising body has requested a package of documents on a throughput mode. all has been transferred - have noted in enterprise security service.

the chief of department on public relations Oleg Ishchenko has confirmed that the paid throughput mode at factory operates, it has been entered still two years ago by order of the general director. According to the document, registration of the annual admission from employees of the organisations renting premises at VISAS - Steels there are 30 roubles. As to visitors of firms, on two checkpoints from five the payment was raised from them at a rate of 3 roubles for the admission. The special bureau of admissions is engaged in its delivery and a whip-round. There are all necessary documents - orders, the orders of the director confirming legality of a payment, - mister Ishchenko speaks. - At all of us it is lawful. And, if it is fair, to me similar interest of Office of Public Prosecutor and mass-media " is not clear;.

tenants of factory say that, on the one hand, office in enterprise territory to remove favourably. In - the first, the throughput mode provides safety. In - the second, on the VISA it is possible to remove office at the price on the average about 300 roubles for square metre, while in a city rent rates, according to BK Real estate fluctuate from 800 roubles to 1700 roubles for square metre. But at the same time many inconveniences for clients are created. each time we are compelled to warn them that they took with themselves the passport and money - 3 roubles. And for 30 roubles of visitors can directly take to the firm by the special bus - has noted the manager of Open Company the Company the Range Galina Razdragina. And in advertising group Nika (too rents the factory areas) which in enterprise territory has a shop on manufacture of advertising production, have told that on the VISA take a payment and for journey on territory of factory of lorries of clients. at us such visitors not so it is a lot of - nearby 5 persons in day. But each time it is necessary to listen from them to claims .

VISAS - the Steel - not the unique enterprise which leases the liberated areas. However interrogated experts in real estate sphere say that such scheme of mutual relations of the tenant and the lessor meet for the first time. Service and comfort, certainly, stand money, but all nuances under property relations should be co-ordinated between lessors and tenants, and the payment question should not concern clients of tenants - the director of Open Company " has commented on a situation; the Territorial company (Carries out mediatorial functions by search of tenants for a number of the enterprises) Azat Gilimzjanov.

And though on VISAS - Steels are assured that in a paid throughput mode anything illegal is not present, lawyers consider that the Office of Public Prosecutor can have questions if this point is not registered in the lease contract. such obremenenie will be lawful in the event that the tenant, signing the lease contract or the additional agreement to it, will in writing agree with an unprofitable condition for itself - the general director of group of the legal companies " speaks; Intelligence With Evgenie Shestakov. Otherwise, in its opinion, this infringement of provisions of the lease, also can become the lawful basis for unilateral cancellation of the lease contract from the tenant without payment of compensatory payments.

Anna Motorin