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To chemists block the crane

In Svetlojarsky area of the Volgograd region the conflict between the several enterprises of a chemical complex and Open Company " inflames at once; the Management company the Svetlojarsky Water canal . Representatives of the chemical enterprises assert that the Water canal unreasonably breaks off with them contracts of delivery of water that will lead to a stop prizvodstv and to losses in ten millions roubles. For the permission of a situation they intend to address in federal power structures and authorities. In the Management company the Svetlojarsky Water canal declare groundlessness of claims in their address, explaining that networks on which water should move, do not belong to the enterprise. As it became known , heads of a complex of the enterprises of Svetlojarsky area of the Volgograd region, located on factory territory Biosynthesis Prepare the reference in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, oblguvd, to governor Nikolay Maksjute, the plenipotentiary of the president in JUFO to Dmitry Kozaku with the request to interfere with the conflict on deliveries of water with the local enterprise the Svetlojarsky Water canal . In number victims the companies which representatives have subscribed under the reference, Open Company Dista Open Company tehgidroprom Open Company the gas station - Service Open Company the Standard Joint-Stock Company Bishofit - Avant-guard Open Company VPO Volgohimneft joint venture Open Company Rus - Az - Eko Open Society the Transclod Open Company Dialogue - Astrakhan and a number of others. As applicants explain, the conflict is connected with Open Company intention the Management company the Svetlojarsky Water canal Since May, 16th to terminate contracts with them on water delivery and reception of sewage on municipal networks of gone bankrupt Open Company Volgobiosintez . As a result compelled idle time and a stop of the expensive equipment will manage to the enterprises every day in ten millions roubles counterparts will suffer, the companies will be compelled to pay the penalty, - is told in circulation.
according to representatives of the chemical enterprises, the Svetlojarsky Water canal proves necessity rastorzhenieja contracts that on balance of the enterprise there is no pipeline of potable water and a sewer network which passes on territory of former Open Company Volgobiosintez .
It not sootivetsvuet the validity, - is told in the letter. - as a result of bankruptcy of factory the specified objects of a municipal infrastructure on the basis of the decision of administration of Svetlojarsky area 1104 from 02. 11. 2001 and 272 from 12. 03. 2002 have been transferred in the municipal property to balance Svetlojarsky MUP housing and communal services rajkomhoz as economic conducting. After several reorganisation and liquidation MUPov, responsible for municipal sphere of area, a water supplying complex Volgobiosinteza has passed MUP the Svetlojarsky complex of a waterpipe on the basis of a number of decisions of district administration. Last, in turn, has concluded the contract from Open Company the Management company the Svetlojarsky Water canal also has transferred it functions on uninterrupted delivery of economic, drinking both technical water and reception of sewage from consumers, including on networks Volgobiosinteza . Thus in the companies - applicants underline that the management company since April, 1st, 2004 received timely payment for rendered services . Lately practically all pipelines with Volgobiosinteza - about 70 %, except for on what water delivery is now carried out - have been dismantled and taken out in an unknown direction, - it is told in circulation. - Besides, according to check kontrolno - Audit Chamber of the Volgograd region, from work MUP the Svetlojarsky complex of a waterpipe the district administration has not received rouble, and actually all benefit from use of this property is received by private structures. Losses make around 1,1 million roubles . Therefore statements that networks ownerless not sootvestvuet the validity - opponents of the Svetlojarsky Water canal consider.
the general director of Open Company the Management company the Svetlojarsky Water canal Natalia Savoskina has declared yesterday that without having networks, it is impossible to submit on them water . As she said MUP the Svetlojarsky complex of a waterpipe Supplying the chemical enterprises water, now is in bankruptcy procedure. in April the external managing director has spent inventory of property MUP and was found out that on balance at it the networks lying on territrii were Volgobiosinteza are not registered. And it means that we has no possibility to release water on another`s networks, besides who posesses these networks, it is not known, they drawn games - madam Savoskina has explained.
the First zamglavy administrations of Svetlojarsky area Igor Trubetsky has informed yesterday that the authorities are interested in settlement of the dispute which has resulted legal an incident which has led to loss municipal networks. to disconnect water to the enterprises it is impossible. We suggested to solve a question by creation of joint structure on plumbing and sanitary service, 50 on 50 %. For this purpose for May, 3rd the joint meeting is planned. Networks, in the extent of 3 km are now worn out on 90 %, and the alternative variant of water supply of manufactures while is not present - the mister Trubetsky has declared.
Tatyana Dmitriev