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Vertical decomposition

at session of the budgetary commission Voronezh gordumy the chairman of city Kontrolno - Audit Chamber (KSP) Larissa Dorohina has rigidly scarified Yesterday the administrative policy of mayor Boris Skrynnikova. Under its statement, regional justices (some of their heads repeatedly opposed the town governor) are actually deprived possibility really to solve any questions in subordinated territories. According to observers, the report of madam Dorohinoj is favourable to the speaker gordumy and to the potential candidate for the mayor to Sergey Koliuhu who is going to make a competition to mister Skrynnikovu on coming in the beginning of next year elections of the town governor. According to report KSP, all regional justices are deprived not only the status independent is administrative - territorial unit, but also control and performing functions. According to Larissa Dorohinoj, the head of areas and their subordinates do not participate in formation and execution gorbjudzheta, plan creation socially - economic development of area, are discharged of the town-planning policy and formation questions as the mayoralty does not put before them such problems and, accordingly, does not give necessary powers. Thus, prefects have no possibility to influence a situation. they only submit to tasks which arrive in justices from the mayoralty, and work as assistants to structural divisions of city administration - madam Dorohina has noted. After its performance it is information - the analytical department gordumy has extended the message that deputies intend to recommend to city officials to give to justices of more possibilities in the decision of problems in their subordinated territories.

This spring lawyers of the mayoralty have developed typical structure of regional justices according to which their states are considerably reduced. Boris Skrynnikov spent a policy of rigid centralisation of municipal authority from the moment of the election on a city post of the head in the beginning of 2004. For the past four years mister Skrynnikov entered time and again conflicts to heads of areas, in particular Sergey Korolevym (Kominternovsky area), Alexey Kotenko (the Central area) and Alexander Rykovym (Left-bank area). So, in May, 2005 on planerke in goradministratsii Boris Skrynnikov has urged mister Kotenko to retire voluntary, having accused him of unsatisfactory work on cleaning of territory of area. In April, 2006 of that time and. An island of the mayor Yury Kretinin has dismissed Alexander Rykova from a post of the head of Left-bank area. As formal occasion the misuse of municipal property has served, however, according to observers, the criticism of activity goradministratsii and personally the mayor from mister Rykova was the true reason. Besides, eks - the prefect has entered in an United Russia with which local management the leader of the former Voronezh cell of the Russian party of life Boris Skrynnikova had intense relations.

yesterday vitse - the mayor Marina Plieva has concerned claims KSP easy. justices carry out activity within the limits of the designated powers and are the same structural divisions of the mayoralty, as well as all the others - she has informed and has explained that problems of justices are brought into accord with new structure goradministratsii which is accepted by deputies under the offer of the town governor for optimisation of management by a city. The new structure of the mayoralty, as she said, corresponds to the federal law on the general principles of the organisation of local government and the charter of Voronezh. However the source close to a management by one of regional justices, wished to remain not named, considers that in city administration was created destructive management model at which the mayoralty device razdut, and states of justices are reduced therefore mayor Skrynnikov does not receive the objective information on a situation in areas, and justices have no resources for efficient control territories.

according to the deputy gordumy Galina Kudrjavtsevoj who have already declared the mayor ambitions, report KSP is favourable first of all to the speaker gordumy to Sergey Koliuhu, also intending to be overcome for a mayor armchair on elections in the beginning of 2008. He will stand under the motto of granting of considerable powers to heads of justices, and madam Dorohina has actually sounded its initiative on razmazyvaniju powers of the mayoralty - Kudryavtsev`s madam believes. In its opinion, the optimal variant of distribution of powers is at what heads of justices are responsible for a sanitary condition of territories, and goradministratsija supervises branch directions - town-planning, ground relations and municipal sphere.

political adviser Alexander Kosyrev also considers that criticism of a policy of the mayor from Larissa Dorohinoj - one of links in a chain of events, connected with forthcoming elections of the mayor. already clearly that the town governor have imposed from different directions: detention for a bribe of the deputy director of department of municipal economy of Anatoly Batishcheva, searches in town-planning department, public accusations from deputies - mister Kosyrev has explained and has added that Boris Skrynnikova`s opponents understand: the more will be critical attacks from the different parties, the there will be chances of the mayor of re-election more low.

Oleg Grigorenko; Andrey Chervakov