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the Serbian veterans are ready to be at war for Kosovo
past Saturday police of Serbia has arrested 27 persons who have declared readiness up in arms to struggle against independence Kosovo. About 200 Serbian veterans of military conflicts on the Balkans in 1990 - h years has gathered for meeting in the city of Krushevats in 150 km to jugo - to the east from Belgrad. They declared the beginning of formation of voluntary group Guards of prince Lazarja named so in honour of the governor of the Serbs who have lost historical fight on Kosovo a field in 1389. Long struggle for Kosovo is for Serbs important argument in favour of deduction as a part of Serbia edges in which the majority of the population is made nowadays by ethnic Albanians. some people think that they can take and grasp the sacred earth of Serbia, - one of organizers of the action Andrey Milich has declared. - They are mistaken . Participants of meeting have been dressed in a camouflage and vests with an emblem of nowadays dismissed group of the Serbian police special troops Red berets . We do not think that our idea will be supported by millions Serbs which will go to be at war for Kosovo. It also is not necessary for us, - head of Movement of veterans of Serbia has declared Zelko Vasilevich. - professionals with experience of conducting the operations, ready to war " are necessary To us;. According to organizers, despite a small number of participants of meeting in Krushevatse, about readiness to join to Guards of prince Lazarja have declared already five thousand persons.