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The historical background

In 1989 in Bulgaria representatives of the public have suggested to dismantle a monument to the Soviet soldiers in Plovdiv, more known as Alesha . However the government of the country has not supported this offer. In April, 1996 the city parliament of Plovdiv has made the decision on a pulling down Aleshi but the Supreme court of Bulgaria has cancelled this decision.
in 1991 of the power Lithuania have declared that the tomb and a monument of general Ivan Chernjahovsky buried in Vilnius should leave republic. In the end of 1991 ashes of the general have been transported to Moscow and buried on the New maiden cemetery. A monument have transported home Ivan Chernjahovsky - to Voronezh.

in 2001 in to Poland the city council of Katowice has made the decision on monument carrying over to the Soviet soldiers from city centre on a military cemetery. In February, 2007 townsmen have suggested the authorities to replace a monument with a statue of former US president Ronald Reagan. Any decision is not realised yet from - for absence of money.

in 2002 the government Hungary after consultations of Russia temporarily dismantled a monument to the Soviet soldiers on the Budapest area of Freedom (Sabadshag). Building under the area of an underground parking became the reason. In the end of 2002 a monument have restored, however soon burgomistrat Budapest has suggested to replace on it an inscription ( In memory of the Soviet soldiers who were lost in struggle against fascism instead of Glory to the Soviet soldiers - to liberators! ) . This initiative of approval of the government of the country has not received. In 2006 the World union of Hungarians has begun petition for referendum carrying out about carrying over of a monument from the centre of Budapest. In April, 2007 representatives of the union have declared that have collected 200 thousand signatures. The authorities have not reacted to this initiative.

in October, 2003 of the power Germany has made the decision on monument dismantle to the Soviet Soldier - to the liberator in Treptov - park for its restoration. In the Russian mass-media fears repeatedly expressed that under the pretext of reconstruction the monument will be liquidated, however the monument has returned on a former place in May, 2004. Restoration has managed to the German budget in 1,5 million