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The customs union is not necessary

Yesterday in Astana at session of interstate council of heads of the governments of the Euroasian economic community (EvrAzES) prime minister Michael Fradkov has faced criticism from the party not only Belarus, but also Kazakhstan. The Kazakh prime minister Brown Masimov has supported the requirement of Belarus to co-ordinate a power policy of the countries EvrAzEs and has suggested to postpone creation of Customs union EvrAzEs to the introduction of all its member countries into the WTO. Chances of Russia of creation of the Customs union in the foreseeable future promptly thaw.
formally chances of creation of the Customs union within the limits of EvrAzES at the yesterday`s summit in Astana at Russia were. Among three potential members of EvrAzES already involved in process, Russia and Kazakhstan traditionally acted as allies. Claims of Belarus after the January power conflict to Russia concerned basically power politicians. And it is valid, after performance of prime minister Fradkov, basically devoted to economic successes of Russia as factor of stable development of EvrAzES (the Russian prime minister became yesterday to one of the most mentioned characters of telenews - see a heading Access to a body p. 4), Belarus vitse - prime minister Andrey Kobjakov has accused orgstruktury EvrAzES of a divergence by preparation of documents on creation of a uniform power market, uniform transport space, and also in realisation interstate branch programs . However when the Kazakh prime minister has joined claims Brown Masimov, it became clear that the Customs union at least will not be created in the near future.

Russia rejects the requirement of a uniform power policy constantly. Nevertheless mister Masimov has explained that Now the draught agreement on an order of the organisation, management, functioning and development of a common market of oil and gas of member states EvrAzEs " is studied;. As he said, the agreement should provide mutual granting of access equal in rights to an infrastructure of the national markets of oil and gas . We will note, on termination of a meeting of prime ministers Michael Fradkov has declared: Anybody to power resources did not lift a question of equal access . Moscow has not changed the position, according to the prime minister, this question in process of perfection of integration relations will dare more effectively from the point of view of the prices and tariffs .

Other initiative of mister Masimova has actually buried idea of the Customs union. The Kazakh prime minister ascertained that The parties do not find till now mutual understanding on standard - legal base at formation of the Customs union and its coordination with processes of the introduction of the separate countries of community in the WTO, and also under the status, structure and the mechanism of decision-making created nadnatsionalnogo regulating body - the commissions of the Customs union . Therefore Brown Masimov has suggested EvrAzES not to create at all such union while all its potential participants - Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus - will not access to WTO.

while, as he said, it is necessary to be engaged only in a spadework. acceptance of all package of documents and its introduction in action can be carried out only after end of negotiating processes under the introduction of the countries of community into the WTO - such words Brown Masimov has buried the unique large-scale project of EvrAzES over which Russia actively worked more than a year. Let`s note, Russia and Kazakhstan have chances of accession to WTO in 2008, chances of Belarus of the introduction into the organisation are is faster negative.

under the data, the reason of a demarche of Kazakhstan for a steel of its problem with Russia at negotiations on new modes of transit of the Kazakh oil on pipelines Transneft in EU. Two weeks ago Brown Masimov carried on in Astana negotiations simultaneously with the prime minister of Russia and the president of Poland Lehom Kachinsky, last offered it participation in the project of completion of the oil pipeline Odessa - Fords - Plock. By data, Kazakhstan, without guaranteeing Poland of interest to the project, has not received from Michael Fradkov instead of anything, and it with a high probability became the reason of problems of Russia with EvrAzES as a whole.

negotiations on the Customs union will be continued in May, however chances of its creation promptly thaw: together with Belarus Russia has received in opponents and Kazakhstan. Continues to watch succession of events.