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Private affair

Nikola Pol Stefan Sarkozy de Nad - Bocha was born on January, 28th, 1955 in Paris. In 1978 has ended university faculty of law Paris X in 1981 - Institute of political researches. In 1974 has entered in gollistskuju party the Union of democrats in support of republic later renamed in Association in support of republic (RPR). In 1981 headed youth committee in support of the candidate for presidents of France of Jacque Chirac. In 1983 it is selected by the mayor of the Parisian suburb Neji - sjur - Sen. In 1993 - 1995 the minister of the budget and the minister of communications. Since 1995 worked on supervising posts in RPR. Since May, 2002 was the Minister of Internal Affairs, since March, 2004 - the Minister of Economics, the finance and the industry. Since November, 28th, 2004 the chairman of the Union for national movement (UMP, party - successor RPR). Since March, 2005 the state minister and the Minister of Internal Affairs. On January, 14th, 2007 it is confirmed by the candidate for presidents from UMP. On March, 26th has left the government. On April, 22nd, 2007 in the first round of presidential elections became the leader, having typed 31,18 % of voices. It is married second marriage, three children.