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Russia will understand with an exposition Osventsime
Yesterday it became known that the group of experts of the Russian Federation on museum business in May will go to Poland for studying of a situation with the Russian exposition in a museum of the former concentration camp of Osventsim round which two countries had disagreements. The exposition of the Russian Federation remains closed under the decision of International council Osventsima (MSO). As head MSO Vladislav Bartoshevsky has explained, it has occurred because within the limits of this exposition prisoners of Osventsima from the territories supervised by Red army in 1939 - 1941, are named by the Soviet citizens. if to remember Yalta and Teheran then yes, the most part of those territories has been included in structure of the USSR, but not everything, in particular not Bialystok - he has declared, having added that MSO will not resolve propagation and cheap politics within a museum . Nevertheless, as the deputy minister of culture and mass communications Andrey Busygin believes, in the near future disagreements with the Polish party concerning the maintenance of the Russian exposition of a museum of the former concentration camp of Osventsim closed some years ago, will be eliminated. As he said, in Ministry of culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation the letter of the director of a museum of Osventsima Peter Tsyvinsky, " has been transferred; containing a number of positions to which followed listen . In particular, this exposition, according to Tsyvinsky, in a greater degree shines history of the Great Patriotic War, the Second World War and clearing of this huge part of the European territory by Red army. At the same time about that struggle which was conducted by prisoners of war in camps, about their victories, about their resistance, and also about destinies of people which were lost or were it are released, told unfairly a little - mister Busygin has noted. He considers that is necessary to understand competency of the requirement of the Polish party that the prisoners of a concentration camp delivered in Osventsim from the Western Ukraine and a part of territories of Belarus, departed Russia after signing of the pact of Molotova - Ribbentropa in 1939, were designated in the Russian exposition not as citizens of the USSR and as citizens of Poland, that is actually to recognise the Soviet occupation of these territories carefully. Interfax