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Private affair

the Vodka king from Beslan
Oleg Gioev was born on February, 4th, 1960 in the North Ossetia. Has left school #1 in Beslan. Was the co-owner of Beslan Open Society Salute letting out vodka, champagnes and fortified wines, and also low alcohol drinks under brands Salute, gold-domed! the legionary and the Favourite . Mister Gioevu posessed 99,9 % of actions of Open Society, the rest - to the State Property Committee of the North Ossetia. Into Open Society structure enter factory on manufacture of silent and sparkling wines and low alcohol drinks, distillery and likerovodochnyj factory. Open Society has been created in December, 1998, makes more than 1,65 million has given ethyl spirit and more than 950 thousand has given spirits. An enterprise gain in 2005 - 466,4 million rbl., profit - 1,8 million rbl. In 2004 - 2005 of mass-media informed on the facts of revealing of cases of manufacture by factory of poor-quality vodka and evasion from payment of taxes. Also mister Gioev was the president of Beslan boxing club Salute and the director of Moscow Open Company Blagvest (the trading intermediary).