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France has reconciled to the choice

The victory on elections the new president of France Nikola Sarkozy (yesterday it became one of the most mentioned characters in the Russian news TV programs - see a heading Access to a body on p. 2) has noted together with the supporters on the Consent area, having proclaimed that from this point on France has returned back to Europe . At this time opponents of mister Sarkozy burnt its stuffed animal on a Bastille Square. And lost the leader of socialists of Segolene Royal has declared that its party more cannot exist in that kind in what she has lost the third successively presidential election. With details - the special correspondent in Paris NATALIA - GEVORKYAN.
sometimes I look in a mirror when I have a shave, and I see there the president - in this joke said by Nikola Sarkozy in interview to magazine Express about four years ago, there was a minimum share of a joke. It was clear and then. Having a shave yesterday in the morning, he has seen in a mirror of the sixth president of France.

about mister Sarkozy wrote that the gain of the power for it is a sport, a high. That the world for it is arranged simply: it is necessary to be the fast, the most persevering - as in sports. It is just necessary to be the best. About it said that it has borrowed the American technique of public relations which consists in, that vykashivat a grass directly underfoot the opponent and to use its best ideas.

behind it it has appeared 53 with superfluous percent of the French voters in the most mass presidential election in the country for last decades. 30 thousand persons have gathered for the areas of the Consent at night that together with it to celebrate a victory. The most important that he wanted to tell to Frenchmen: we need the consent, we one country, I will be the president of all Frenchmen, problems of all are close to me. He said that has shortly been expressed in the basic slogan of its presidential campaign Together we can all! . For this reason Nikola Sarkozy at the very beginning of the performance after the announcement of results of voting in the second round has expressed respect to the competitor - Segolene Royal - and to its voters. The paradox consists that people have appeared Sarkozy basic electorate is more senior 60. The Same reforms which he has conceived, need support of youth which has voted mainly to socialists: 58 % of youth at the age from 18 till 24 years have voted for Royal. However, already following age category 25 - has preferred 34 years Sarkozy (57 %).

in the Evening on Sunday in streets of Paris it was possible to see crying young men with Segolene Royal`s portraits. And also the excited young men with its portraits. To its defeat reacted including burning of a stuffed animal of Nikola Sarkozy on a Bastille Square, and also steams of hundreds cars on the country. Nevertheless, despite preventions from socialists that Nikola Sarkozy victory can cause excitements in France, excitements it to name difficult. Suburbs while too have reacted to the president new and not favourite by them easy.

itself the candidate from socialists has accepted results of elections rather adequately. She recognised defeat, never having mentioned, truth, a name of the winner. She declared that life and political strike proceed. It has expressed hope that the new president will adequately serve France. Madam Royal has let know that the Socialist party more cannot exist in that kind in what she has lost the third successively presidential election. Already on Monday evening socialists were going to continue discussion about results of elections and thereupon about the future of party and, by the way, leadership in it. It is very likely that Segolene Royal can start to form sotsial - democratic party in an alliance with mister Bajru. As one of veterans sotsdvizhenija Bernard Kushner, " has told couple of days ago in The Financial Times interview; whatever happens on the Sunday, that policy which we know, has ended; these elections have marked death of a socialism of the old sample and, I hope, a birth sotsial - democracies in France .

Yesterday there was a first statistics at elections, places quite unexpected. As it was found out, voices the centre that is 18 % voted in the first round for Francois Bajru, were distributed almost fifty-fifty between Nikola Sarkozy and Segolene Royal with easy overweight in favour of Sarkozy - 40 % and 38 %. The most surprising figure: 52 % of women - voters have voted for Nikola Sarkozy, and 48 % - for Segolene Royal. Sarko has received 63 % of voices of the extremely right voters from among supporters of Le Foam. In spite of the fact that Le of Foams has urged the voters to boycott elections, 20 % have obeyed him only. 15 % lepenovtsev have voted for madam Royal. Right have traditionally received a majority of votes of farmers, and also handicraftsmen and owners of shops. 54 % dark blue collars have supported the lady.

word Nikola Sarkozy most significant foreign policy statement of a steel: From this point on France has returned back to Europe . He very accurately chose expressions, speaking about relations between France and the USA. Mister Sarkozy loves America and never it hid. He has underlined that France always will be with America and is always ready to support America if it is necessary, but friends have the right to think on - to a miscellaneous. It has emphasised a theme of global warming which considers priority, and has critically responded about the American position on this question.

the theme of the future relations with Russia remains opened: the winner of elections into this account in detail did not express yet. However, as - that during television a current - show he has mentioned president Putin when mister Sarkozy have reproached that he too is on friendly terms with George Bush. Sarkozy then has answered that if it shakes hands with Bush it does not mean at all that he agrees with everything that speaks or Bush does. In the same way, it when Chirac shakes hands with Putin has continued, it does not mean at all that it likes everything that Putin does.

yesterday Nikola Sarkozy has left hotel on the Champs Elysee where has spent night after walks on the Consent area, and has disappeared in an unknown direction - has gone to have a rest. Journalists laughed that it will be still that rest - in an environment of television cameras. It is probable, that it to avoid, the vacation spot of the new president is kept a secret. One of its nearest colleagues Francois Fillon to whom, by the way, designate a place of premieres - the minister (it was the minister of social problems in Raffarin`s government), has designated themes which become priority right after how Nikola Sarkozy will officially enter a post, that is after May, 16th. These are parliamentary elections (on June, 17th), and also social sphere, taxes, ecology and a world policy. Who will be included into the future government, too while it is not known. It is said that some ministers can keep the posts (for example, the Minister of Defence, probably, the Minister for Foreign Affairs). Said and that Nikola Sarkozy can invite in Segolene Royal`s government. But it while only at level of assumptions. More or less precisely it is known, where the new president with the first foreign visits will go. Name Bruxelles and Berlin.

Nikola Sarkozy will not accept participation in Victory Day celebrating on May, 8th. It will officially enter a post only on May, 16th when the former president will formally transfer to the new president confidential codes, or a nuclear small suitcase . Then by tradition there will be a salute - 21 volley, singing the Marseillaise and the new president becomes the full owner of the Elisejsky palace.