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In Iraq the first Russian journalist

According to the organisation data " was lost; Reporters without borders “ from the beginning of the American intervention in March, 2003 in Iraq 119 journalists and 49 persons from attendants (translators, drivers, technicians, security guards) were lost. The committee on protection of journalists totals 100 lost workers of mass-media and 38 their assistants. The overwhelming majority of victims - Iraqis (according to Committee on protection of journalists - 116 persons), on the second place natives of Europe - 11 persons.
the first journalist who has lost in Iraq the operator of Australian broadcasting company AVS Pol Moran is considered . He has been killed on March, 22nd, 2003 at explosion of the terrorist - the kamikaze about control point on severo - the east of Iraq. Explosion has been directed against soldiers of the Patriotic union of Kurdistan.

on April, 8th, 2003 in Bagdad at bombardment from hotel tanks “ Palestin “ The television cameraman of Reuters agency Taras Protsjuk and the journalist of Spanish TV channel Tele Cinco Jose Kuso were lost . the American command has declared that the shot has been made in reply to automatic and granatometnyj fire, and has considered  destruction of journalists as accident. In 2005 the Madrid court under native Joses Kuso`s claim has given out the warrant on arrest of three American military men involved in bombardment. However the USA have refused an extradition.

on August, 20th, 2004 the non-staff correspondent of Italian magazine Diario Entso Baldoni was gone in Iraq . It went to a city the Ale - on purpose to interview Kut the leader of Shiits of Muktady the expert - Sadra. On August, 23rd it became known that the journalist has stolen certain “ Islamic group of Iraq “. Insurgents demanded from Italy within 48 hours to disengage armies from the country and, having been refused, on August, 27th have killed the journalist.

on August, 3rd, 2005 in Basra the independent American journalist and publicist Stephen Vincent has been stolen and killed . According to the basic version, the journalist the radical Shiits dissatisfied with its article in The New York Times, left some days before abduction have revenged.