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Victor Yushchenko and Victor Yanukovych the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and prime minister Victor Yanukovych take each other number

All yesterday tried to agree about date of preschedule parliamentary elections. Being on peak of popularity Yulia Timoshenko Block and propresidential Our Ukraine insist that elections should be spent not later than July, 8th. The Party of Regions of mister Yanukovych tries to delay as much as possible day of voting, suggesting to appoint it to autumn. From what takes, in many respects and the political deal in rade new convocation will depend.
the opposition hurries
Victor Yushchenko and Victor Yanukovych`s Arrangement that in Ukraine it is necessary to spend preschedule parliamentary elections (see from May, 5th), has not lowered degree of political opposition between supporters of the president and the prime minister. Yesterday it was found out that the agreement to which two main heads of Ukraine have come, does not mean reconciliation of two contradictory camps: Propresidential party Our Ukraine and Yulia Timoshenko Block (BJUT) on the one hand and ruling coalition (Party of Regions of mister Yanukovych, communists and Sotspartija. - ) - with another. Leaders of these political forces fiercely argue on when it is necessary to hold an election. Yesterday the mixed working group of representatives of the president and a coalition all the day long sat at Kiev on preparation of early election. The same question was discussed at a meeting of the president with the prime minister. But it was not possible to agree about voting date.

For Yulia Timoshenko and the leader nasheukraintsev Vyacheslav Kirilenko important that elections have taken place as soon as possible. Now BJUT and Our Ukraine are on popularity peak. Having achieved dissolution illegitimate from their point of view, parliament, they have acted in a role of the most furious fighters for democracy to which managed to overcome Victor Yanukovych`s coalition. Both Orange forces do not hide that already there is more than month actually conduct active election campaign. we speak only about the first, a maximum on eighth of July. But it is a subject of political arrangements as for us the decree of the president about early election is on June, 24th operating, - mister Kirilenko has declared yesterday. - Simply considering our constructibility, we have muffled conversations on this theme, but our parties are in a mode of selective process .

Victor Yushchenko`s Supporters count that during early election they will get the best and will receive the treasured majority in rade. Madam Timoshenko already sees itself the winner of pre-election race and predicts painful defeat to leader Sotspartii, to the speaker are glad to Alexander Morozu. the parliament configuration will change. And to Alexander Morozu you will not envy, to it it is necessary not to retire in five years, and in a year. It is necessary to go again to the people and to look to the people in eyes - has declared leader BJUT.

Pre-election preparations with might and main go and in To our Ukraine . Its leaders declared negotiations about association of all right flank and creation of the uniform pre-election block with attraction of the Ukrainian people party, National ruha Ukraine the Congress of the Ukrainian nationalists, party It is time! and others. all participants of negotiations have a firm belief that only having united, democratic forces can win a victory - Vyacheslav Kirilenko declared.

the Coalition tightens
the Victorious plan orange the success only waits in the event that elections will take place in the near future. presidential forces on lifting, and Yushchenko`s personal rating too grows. And here ` regionaly ` and their partners are in psychologically not comfortable condition: For them the decision on elections is a defeat. Demoralisation not the most successful background for immediate election campaign - the head of the Kiev Institute of global strategy Vadim Karasev has told.

Victor Yanukovych`s position becomes complicated not only psychological discomfort. After the prime minister has met the president and has agreed to carrying out of early election, split was outlined in the tripartite alliance of Party of Regions with socialists and communists. Mister Yanukovych have accused of treachery of interests of allies. it is voluntarism - to go on such arrangement, without having got such driver`s licence from all participants of a coalition, - was indignant in conversation with the deputy - communist Leonid Grach. - the society is revolted by a position of Party of Regions! So to change a position means to go on an alliance from Yushchenko. If he wants to create a new coalition with ` Our Ukraine ` - let creates, but at what here elections?

Apparently, mister Yanukovych indeed not too cared of the present allies when agreed with the president. The matter is that now Party of Regions - unique from all coalition who is capable to become successful in a case of elections or even to improve the last year`s result. But for this purpose regionalam it is necessary to delay elections as much as possible. In the end of last week the political council of Party of Regions has made decision to disagree on elections before October. in my opinion, these elections are possible only in the autumn, and term of their carrying out - October - mister Yanukovych has categorically declared.

the persistence of the head of the government is connected by that it can use won time for decision-making which will lift popularity of the prime minister. BJUT and ` Our Ukraine ` have passed an active phase of election campaign - now at them the maximum rating which by the autumn for certain will settle, - has explained zamglavy the Kiev Center of political researches of a name of Alexander Razumkova Valery Chalyj. - Besides, the government already had been quickly made decisions on budgetary payments to the population. Till the autumn Yanukovych, I think, can increase social payments. They have ample opportunities to use populist measures .

the President loses
Victor Yanukovych`s Obstinacy angers supporters of the president. Yesterday a member of presidium Our Ukraine Xenia Lyapin has threatened that if the Party of Regions will tighten negotiations on definition of date of voting early election will take place on June, 24th as it is registered in last decree of the president. till the autumn they hope by payoff to collect 300 voices in parliament and to pass decisions convenient for - Lyapin`s madam considers. it is obvious that ` regionaly ` have reconciled to inevitability of elections. But on the other hand, demanding their transferring, they on a habit want to start the scheme of budgetary payoff and falsifications. Want to use time while they have temporary control over the government - one more member " is convinced; Our Ukraine Boris Bespalyj.

In Victor Yushchenko`s secretary also do not see sense in delaying elections till the autumn as it would be desirable it Victor Yanukovych. we speak only about summer. About autumn speech does not go, - has declared a press - the secretary of the president Irina Vannikova. - And in general, from a coalition other date to name premature. The working group sits, and to speak about elections in October there are no bases .

Earlier it was planned that the working group will submit for approval today in radu a package of the bills necessary for start of election campaign, including concerning its budgetary financing. After that it was expected that the president will sign the new decree about early election in which their definitive date will be established. However yesterday party members of regions in working group have declared that the necessary documents are not ready, so, to accept them is impossible neither today, nor on May, 9th. It means that regionaly have decided to sabotage process of preparation of elections meaningly. Yesterday mister Yanukovych has declared that the final decision about date of elections should be accepted in the Supreme Rada: It is a question political, it should be accepted in parliament at level of all participants of political process and, first of all, political parties .

According to experts, such course of the prime minister can lead to that the question on early election will definitively stick in rade. conflict Transfer in parliament can lead to that elections will not take place in July, in the autumn, - Valery Chalyj considers. - In this case the Frost becomes the real player and will use procedural tools for a process tightening. Yushchenko`s error that he has not achieved from Yanukovych the statement of date of voting .