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Yury Kopylov is punished for kolumbary

Lenin regional court of Vladivostok has sentenced yesterday to four years of imprisonment conditionally former head goradministratsii Yury Kopylov, recognising as its guilty of excess of powers of office. The parties remained are dissatisfied with a sentence and will achieve its revision: protection intends to demand the full justification of the defendant, and state charge considers conditional punishment too soft.
litigation on business eks - heads goradministratsii Vladivostok Yury Kopylov has begun in Leninsk regional court in November, 2006. Gorprokuratura has accused eks - the mayor in Excess of powers of office (item 286 UK). Under its version, in October, 2003 goradministratsija which then was headed by mister Kopylov, has signed from Open Company Sirojama the contract on delivery of building materials for building kolumbarija for veterans of war, without having held obligatory competition in such cases. Charge asserted that the report of the competitive commission have signed after with Sirojamoj the contract for 115 094 854 rbl. by the area Budget, under the charge version has been concluded, these expenses have not been provided.

building has begun autumn of 2003. Sirojama has put building materials on 31 million rbl., and goradministratsija has listed it 6,5 million rbl. Then building kolumbarija have suspended, but a year later when businessman Vladimir Nikolays (this spring it became head goradministratsii Vladivostok have discharged of a post, have accused of malfeasances and have arrested), arbitration court of Primorski Krai, having considered the claim of Office of Public Prosecutor, recognised the contract with Sirojamoj the void. In January, 2006 this company, in turn, has achieved a recognition goradministratsii its debtor. However, in 21,5 million rbl. the mayoralty of Vladivostok of the company has not paid till now a debt. On debate of the parties the assistant to the public prosecutor of Vladivostok Miroslav Yermolaev has declared that by court of wine of Yury Kopylov is completely proved, and has demanded to sentence the defendant to five years of a general regime, having forbidden to occupy within three years posts on civil service.

yesterday with last word the defendant has acted. He has declared that, making of the decision, started with interests of townspeople, which, as he said, should have possibility adequately to bury relatives . the Competitive commission has confirmed that I have arrived correctly, having signed the contract with ` Sirojamoj `. This firm has offered the conditions most favourable to a city. I am convinced of correctness of the acts, I did not break any law - the defendant insisted. Having listened to him, judge Elena Ilinyh has left for adjudgment. When it has returned to a hall, it became clear that arguments of its defendant have not convinced. The court recognised Yury Kopylov guilty of excess of powers of office. The former town governor have sentenced to four years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period in two years, having deprived for two years of the right to work in local governments.

the defendant at whom a sentence during announcement hands shivered, has been considerably afflicted by a verdict (behind last day process the television watched closely - see a heading Access to a body on p. 3). Upon termination of session he has refused comments and has left. Lawyer Vladimir Matjushenko upset not less the client has declared that the fault of the defendant has not been proved. Has not satisfied a verdict and the state accuser: the Punishment which has been not connected with imprisonment, does not correspond to weight of a criminal conduct Yury Kopylov, - public prosecutor Yermolaev has declared. - besides it has been established that the damage put to defendants to a city and Open Company ` Sirojama `, is not compensated . According to the public prosecutor, state charge, in turn, intends to appeal against sentence.

, Vladivostok