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- My life experience prompts birthdays that the most valuable gain of the person is a professionalism. Then the person is surrounded by attention, love, respect of contemporaries. Certainly, Valera, you the workaholic. The work you always exhaust yourself in a vice. It also is your normal state. Perhaps, therefore with such impatience as your partner, I wait for an exit of a new picture of this year the Vice . Your Yarmolnik.

40 years to the director and actor Feodor Bondarchuk

With an anniversary it on May, 9th are executed the musician Sergey Mazaev congratulates:

- Dear Feodor! To me the huge happiness has dropped out to feel the person close to you and to know that reliable and the faithful companion in your person at me is also you will always come to the rescue. You had to overcome many difficulties to leave into an own orbit. I am proud, Fedja, your will and I wish you to take care and live attentively long because you are necessary to people. I love you, as brother. Happy birthday! Mazaj.

the Congratulation is transferred galerist by Marat Gelman:

- Dear Fedja! When I have learnt that to you was executed 40, I wanted to write in a congratulation Welcome to a hell . But has changed the mind. And has changed the mind because the crisis of middle age meaning this hell, at men comes several years later. At you, Fedja, still is time to realise our hopes. Hopes of women that they will meet the present prince, hopes of fans of creativity of brothers Strugatsky that you will manage to embody adequately their novels in cinema, and our hopes that Russian cinema, having taken place the youth period, together with you, forty-year, will enter the maturity period. Good luck to you. Your Gelman.