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The Soviet monuments have reminded Poland Estonia

Yesterday it became known that in Poland transfer to parliament of the bill is postponed, allowing to dismantle the monuments glorifying totalitarian modes including monuments to the Soviet soldiers - to liberators. Authors of the bill from party in power the Right and justice also have decided it to soften essentially. The Polish party recognised that change of its position was affected by strain of relations between Russia and Estonia, caused by monument dismantle the Bronze soldier in the centre of Tallinn (p. 1 see).
the minister of culture and a national heritage of Poland Kazimezh - Mihal Ujazdovsky became the Main ideologist of the document. As he said, the bill will allow local authorities effectively to clean monuments and symbols of another`s sovereignty in Poland. It is a question of the right of local authorities to rename street and the areas bearing names of the Polish state and party figures of an epoch of socialist Poland, and also the Soviet generals and marshals. Besides, under this category the monuments established in memory of the Soviet army, releasing Poland from fascism get. In parallel with minkultom to the same problem have attended in parliamentary fraction of party in power the Right and justice (PS). Eventually the parties have decided to unite the researches and to present to parliament the co-ordinated project of the document.

without waiting, when it will go on instances, the Institute of national memory (INP) in Katowice has prepared and has dispatched the list of monuments which should be dismantled first of all in local authorities. In due time this institute has been created for storage of archival documents. However, according to a number of experts, after coming to power of president Leha Kachinsky and prime minister Yaroslav Kachinsky INP has got character karatelno - the investigatory body which is carrying out functions political police .

According to the Polish mass-media, from the monuments connected with the Soviet army, in the list two monuments appear in Dombrove - Gurnichej, a monument to the fallen Soviet soldiers in Shamotulah in Velkopolsky voevodstve, and also a monument Soviet - to the Polish brotherhood on the weapon on the area before Vilensky station on the right coast of Vistula in Warsaw. Last, by the way, intended to take down in 1992. However the author of a composition of Stefan Momlet has convinced authorities of the capital not to do it as on helmets of soldiers five-pointed stars, and the Polish eagles with a crown flaunt not.

Besides, there was in doubt a destiny of monuments in Krakow, Rzeszow, Are new - Sonche, Stargarde - Shchetsinsky and other Polish cities. And in Katowice on a pedestal where there was a monument to the Red Army man, it was offered to put new - to US president Ronald Reagan who is the honourable citizen.

according to the Polish mass-media, yesterday the bill should be brought in parliament. However plans of the Polish authorities have caused sharp reaction in Moscow where have considered it as attempt to reconsider Second World War results. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has expressed disappointment the information coming from Poland, on preparation of the bill on possible dismantle of the Soviet military monuments . Attempts to mock at history begin an element and the tool of foreign policy of the separate states, - head has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov. - unfortunately, some of the international organisations, the similar NATO and EU, tolerate these attempts . We recognise that events, proisshedshie in Tallinn, should were is sobering to work on those who aspires to copy history and on - new to look at Second World War lessons - the official representative of the Russian foreign policy department Michael Kamynin echoed the chief.

It is remarkable, what even representatives the Right and justice in the Polish diet have called politicians to think again and not to inflate new large scandal, promoting intensity growth in and without that uneasy polsko - the Russian relations. According to deputies, it was necessary to be engaged in renaming of streets and a pulling down of monuments into the beginning 1990 - h years, instead of now.

Apparently, in Warsaw have decided to listen to these councils. The meeting of co-authors of the bill - the minister of culture of Kazimezha - Mihala Ujazdovsky and heads of fraction PS in a diet of Poland Mareka Kuhchinsky yesterday has taken place. We have considered Estonian events - the mister Ujazdovsky has declared on termination of a meeting. Its interlocutor was more concrete. According to the mister Kuhchinsky, for acceptance of the mentioned bill the best moment - eve and an aggravation of scandal round dismantle of the Bronze soldier in Tallinn has been chosen on May, 9th not. As a result the document it has been decided to finish. It is expected that in a diet it will arrive not earlier than the end of May.

we do not want to dismantle the monuments put in memory of Red army, - the minister of culture on air of the Polish TV channel TVN - 24 has informed yesterday. - We also do not want to show disrespect for the Russian soldiers . As he said, developing the bill, it at all did not put a problem to launch war with Russia. And in general, the main idea of the bill consists in creation in Poland essentially new system of protection of places of national memory which it is necessary to present Easy, having listened to all opinions and having made it during the moment, free from the international context .

the Minister also has noticed that it is necessary to respect the places of memory connected with merits of the soldier of Red army irrespective of the purposes, with which USSR has entered into an Antihitlerite coalition, and low to bow to them. In the same place, where monuments to the Soviet soldiers on the to the maintenance and the form symbolise not clearing, and, on the contrary, communistic bondage, local authorities should receive a freedom of action .

By words a press - the secretary Polish minkulta Yana Kaspshika, the criteria, allowing to define, whether is this or that monument a symbol of clearing or, on the contrary, totalitarianism, are not developed yet. However it is known that in definitive edition of the bill first of all under a pulling down monuments with red stars, a sickle and a hammer will go and that the monuments standing on tombs of fighters of Red army and German vermahta will not get to this category.

However, many in Poland consider, as the softened variant of the law - an unnecessary invention. According to the head of the Polish public Committee of memory of struggle and a martyrdom of Poles of Andrzej Pshevoznjaka, in Poland is available it is no more 20 - 30 Soviet monuments which are of value that is why to a pulling down of not subjects. Among them high-rise Palace of culture and sciences in Warsaw, being a gift of the Soviet people and personally companion Stalin to the Polish people; a military cemetery (almost 20 hectares) in the Warsaw area Mokotuv; a monument to liberators of Warsaw on avenue Tsvirki and Vigury, and also already mentioned monument Soviet - to the Polish brotherhood on the weapon on the area before Vilensky station in Warsaw.