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The militia searches for grey schemes

In our country exist and structurally thousand civil associations and the unions work. But not all they are focused on upholding of real interests of people. For a part of these organisations reception of financing from influential foreign funds became a priority problem, for others - service of doubtful group and commercial interests, thus burning issues of the country and its citizens remain not noticed (in the message to Federal meeting on May, 26th, 2004).
the Non-governmental organisations are necessary to a society as control over activity of the state and power structures. We support a transparency of their financing, we support that these organisations were independent and were not supervised ` by puppeteers ` from - for borders because, facing this sort of displays, we only compromise activity of the non-governmental organisations (On a press - conferences on January, 31st, 2006).

the Speaker of Council of federation Sergey Mironov

the Case in point (scandal with employees of the British special services in Moscow. - ) became the brightest illustration, powerful argument in favour of adoption of law about the noncommercial organisations. Special services usually work, using the diplomatic status, it it is no wonder, but it is necessary to pay attention now that they have dared to finance public organisations (in interview RIA Novosti news agency on January, 25th, 2006).

the Speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov

I am am excited personally with those means which arrive from - for borders to the non-governmental organisations. It would be desirable, that we had possibility to be convinced that they really go on the humanitarian and charitable purposes (in interview RIA Novosti news agency on December, 6th, 2005).