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Peter Pan in Moscow TJUZe
Liza Birger

" invites; Peter Pan in Moscow TJUZe - the first experience on the big scene of the pupil of Kama Ginkasa Robert Olingera. From the teacher the American has inherited not only love to colourful shows, but also serious pessimism. However, as well as the fairy tale of Barry, to children this performance turns only the happy party, remaining fascinating game in which they with pleasure join.

Peter Pan it was so fine and young that has brought to the author not only an international recognition, but even charges in pedophilia. Actually the ordinary boy, as all children windy and heartless was its hero only. Its unique exclusiveness consisted that he did not want to grow - a syndrome which very many quite adult men now suffer. Over a head of the child of Barry addresses and to the adult: Small to be fine, adult to be, of course, tiresome and boring, but with us it already happens and that to hide, happens and with that fine kid to whom you read this fairy tale. And only to one boy of it will not occur never - therefore Peter Pan became the main symbol of the childhood for very and very many generations.

director Olinger, undertaken for Peter Pan from the very beginning all this philosophical parsley has safely turned inside out. In a plot he was interested not by the eternal boy, and Wend`s girl which in boyish fuss is compelled to play a role of the unique adult. And if Peter Pan always remains the child Wend never it and was not - she does not participate almost in childish sports but only worries, as though they have not gone too far, cooks to boys the present food, darns socks and in time returns them in a reality. This serious and adult girl in tjuzovskom Peter Pan Serious adult actress Arina Nesterov round whom all action is under construction plays.

and it turns out that in performance where the protagonist not Peter, and Wends, are displaced all accents. A scene of action - a huge drawing room, diligence of director Robert Olingera and artist Sergey Barhina transformed into the huge sizes a children`s playground. All proportions are observed: a table with cups, cases, the chairs, withdrawing upward, in a nursery, a ladder - all is huge, what all subjects in the childhood see. And as soon as in a room there is Peter, the serious boy (Alexey Dubrovsky) with the fairy in a pocket, it appears, simply enough to open cases - and in them grow jungle; to turn pictures - and on walls visions from the Wild West will hang. And so the fine world of game where there is a place and to pirates, both red-skinned, and to the lost boys is very quickly built.

in this game everyone can play some roles. Even Mr. and Mrs. Darling instead of grieving at an open window, change clothes here in mermaids and red-skinned. Well and Peter plays also the captain of the Hook - ridiculous, almost informidable, on - klounski squabbling with Smi and Starks. Three hours of performance fly by as one attraction - continuous disguise, circus features, flights on special flight devices. And if the adult who has forgotten partially, probably, book plot, can not understand that occurs on a scene children are happy - the logic of action is similar to logic of games in a kindergarten and, despite seeming absurdity, is simple and clear to any child.

it is surprising, as in hall MTJUZa cease huliganit and eternally noisy school groups - prokljate children`s theatres join in the game offered by the director even. For them sing, wriggle and dance, think out new and new games, and sometimes fly up, as in circus, under the ceiling. It is unimportant that the wonderful island Netinebudet was cancelled, having turned to a small house constructed of make-shifts in a corner of a drawing room. It is unimportant that the fairy tale collapses one movement: it is necessary to close a case and to turn screens on which wood is drawn. Barry has written the book that, growing, the person cannot get to a fairy tale any more. Olinger has put performance that, growing, the person cannot join in game - looking on young and not so actors TJUZa, it is difficult to agree with it.