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Design with Julia Peshkovoj

Project Kartell Mademoiselle a la mode
Starkovsky chair Mademoiselle not so is well-known, as its series plastic pseudoclassical phantoms but too it is rather popular. And I personally to explain this popularity not in forces: it both not so beautiful, and too tight and short, and proportions at it strange. However the fact. The manufacturer too to Mademoiselle is not indifferent and from time to time perevypuskaet model in new appearances, is more exact dresses. And recently here has decided not to waste time on trifles and order to the girl the whole clothes. Leaders have been involved in process feshn - marks: Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, Etro, Missoni, Moschino, Valentino, Zegna and Trussardi. Everyone has chosen some drawings which would be to the person and an armchair from the collection, and has created special obivochnye fabrics. As a result of Mademoiselle has got set of dresses, not to tell that fashionable, but rather recognised. To tell the truth, the project reminds primerku as not all variants can be ordered more. In sale already is tsvetastaja Mademoiselle Missoni, will appear leopard Mademoiselle Dolce and Gabbana in the summer, about the others to tell difficultly. For now can have a good time razgljadyvaniem photos and finding-out, whether well you know collections feshn - marks.

www. kartell. it

Competition Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition - 07
Now competition among young designers spends every second. Very much this popular phenomenon. Brand Bombay Sapphire is engaged in it for a long time, and its competition on creation koktejlnogo a glass has already affirmed as a rank of one of the most attractive for young or is simple not so known designers. A quite good main prize (now it is $15 thousand) A trip to Milan for all finalists, possibility to get acquainted with design stars, any glory - continuous pluses. That Bombay Sapphire - not crystal factory, and to see then the glass in shop hardly is insulting only it will be possible (obidnee all to us because some glasses really are to be bought). Results of last competition have been declared in the end of April in Milan. Alas, this time among finalists there were no Russian. Best of the best venerable designers Brown Rashid chose, Marseilles Vanders, Volume Dickson (great friends Bombay Sapphire) and Hajme Ajon (newcomer). They have given the first prize to the Portuguese who has thought up a glass without a leg, suspended on a metal chain. Idea original, but not too practical. The second has got to the Canadian for its nonconventional round glass with vydutym inside a bottom and a glass ball. The third - is enough klassichnomu the French glass with a gold ornament (is more exact, to its founder). And I, for example, liked a glass from America: almost flat, as a spoon in which matte and transparent glass is combined. It is a pity that competition of spectator sympathies was not.

www. bombaysapphire. com

Kollektsija Andre Putman for Poltrona Frau
Andre Putman name precisely the grandee - the lady of the French design. In - the first, age - 82 years. In - the second, rich life experience (as whom it only did not work - the architectural critic, feshn - the adviser, the director of creative agency and so forth) . Well and, of course, its projects. Experiments remained in 80 - h, lately it co-operates only with solid brands, thinking out for them not less solid subjects and interiors. In good sense of a word. From prophetic Andre Putman does not blow as naphthalene, they are invariably vigorous, graceful and original. To take, for example, its latest works for the Italian mark Poltrona Frau (extremely, we will notice, solid). Nothing connects formally novelties, however nevertheless they are united by that for minimalistichnym a facade of everyone the rich internal maintenance disappears. Such things with a secret. Oceano is classical (as a matter of fact, but not by the form) a suitcase - clothes, that took with itself in transatlantic cruises. In reasonable volume (1227962) Putman has squeezed innumerable quantity of boxes, shelves, hangers and fastenings for all possible types of things. Even the padded stool was located. All non-working surfaces, certainly, are upholstered by firm skin Pelle Frau. Feluca officially is called as the console. In the closed kind it and truth quite to itself the console, living a skin which can be put to a wall and something on it to set up. However it is necessary to slightly open a cover, and the charming dressing table with a small pocket mirror and branches for jewelry will be found out. Desk Segreto already the name hints at a certain secret. Actually, it is full of secrets. The first impression - a table as a table, modest enough unless upholstered with a skin, - it is deceptive. In a table-top and legs the set of office accessories, branches and shelves, including an aperture for wires disappears. In a word, Andre Putman has once again proved that it has not lagged behind at all life.

www. poltronafrau. it

Columns JVC
in the Autumn of last year Japanese company JVC declared creation of columns of new type. The new model is called Pulsating Sphere Speaker, is made in shape dvenadtsatigrannika and exhales (Founders draw on this term) a sound extensively. Dynamics of a nonconventional design are made of elastic materials, therefore sound distortion should not occur. But in this heading of a column have appeared thanking at all to the revolutionary device, and an unusual kind. To new technologies - new design, Japanese have solved. Also declared, as usual, competition. From hundreds the projects sent on a site, management JVC has chosen four. The first place was occupied with the multi-coloured columns similar to a concert microphone on a thin leg. The second - is black - white spheres, besides on a thin leg. The third and fourth places in general on what are not similar, and less all on columns though it is possible to catch some similarity to the fan and a sea hedgehog. Unusual forms, on assurance of founders, only underline advantages Pulsating Sphere Speaker. Check up it all interested persons could during an exhibition - the presentation arranged in Milan within the limits of Furniture salon.

www. jvc. co. jp/ english

Fixtures S. M. og
Silvio Betterelli and Martin Grasselli - typical representatives of new generation of designers. In sense of Jack of all trades. They both write, and draw, both teach, and make out interiors, and advise, and, certainly, think out things. In a greater degree they are engaged in clothes, for example, Martin Silvio - with Angelo Figus co-operates with mark Stella McCartney, and. Recently, to order all various activity, they have created own company S. M. og. The Home decoration has arisen in the list of their interests almost casually. Two collectors of the vintage clothes working under mark A known in Italy. N. G. E. L. O, have suggested designers to think up furniture and fixtures for their show - ruma. Those have not become puzzled and have quickly made some things of fragments of furniture and details of the lamps found in flea markets. This mini - a collection so was pleasant to all (to especially authors) that it have decided to start in manufacture. However, old things even on small series you will not save enough, therefore Martin and Silvio have decided to take from them only ideas or the form. For example, model Lampidou is as though classical shestirozhkovaja a chandelier weaved from usual thick wires. Lapplic it is similar to a sconce fitted by a fabric: actually it is the wooden skeleton repeating the form of a sconce, soldered in elastic plastic. The origin of lamp Fregio is even more ridiculous: when - that it was a piece of a carved wooden frame. Designers have made its copy in transparent plastic, have placed inside a bulb and have attached a plug to a design - the convenient fixture which can be stuck for the night in sockets has turned out. In the first collection presented by designers in April, it is a lot of others less or more ridiculous subjects (mainly lamps). The prices for them are rather moderate. The exception makes Lampidou. However, if the price in 1250 at the cheap cost price seems to you unjustified, try to weave a such monster.

www. smogmilano. com