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Independent infantilism

Man`s collection Prada spring - summer 2007
Olga Zamyatin

a defile Collection in this season as it often happens at Miuchchi Prada has studied, was enough discouraging. In it there was a place bright detsadovskim to shorts and Panamanians, too tight and short jackets and the shirts reminding short children`s dresses, close business suits and the sandals which have been put on a thick woollen sock. The majority of models is sewed from hi-tech fabrics that has allowed an occasion to argue that the collection represents a future projection. But the young men dressed in pradovsky total look, strongly looked like the hero of a fairy tale of Karlo Kollodi. And as it is known, a name of Pinokkio in Italy name the men preferring till forty years to live at the expense of parents. And if to remember that present collection Prada - it is far not the first, devoted to infantile men it is possible to assert that similarity of heroes of a defile to the character of the well-known fairy tale not casually.

however the defile is substantially art gesture, and here a commercial collection which basically and is presented in the Moscow monobrands, much more easy. In this collection the man provides itself absolutely independently and absolutely not bad and only pretends to be the teenager who unexpectedly a few has grown from the clothes.

rather small jackets traditional for mark and korotkovatye trousers - a collection basis. Jackets are sewed from silk or shining and cold to the touch the fabric which have turned out as a result of mixture of fibres of viscose with a clap. To carry them it is offered with bright monophonic or striped shirts which are made from hardly more dense, than it is accepted, a material. That is easily explainable. Such shirts do not fill in trousers, to them do not tie a tie. And putting on them under a jacket, correct sleeves so that they stuck out on kind five - seven centimetres.

the combination of jackets to shorts which almost all marks have shown in this season, is and at Prada. And Miuchcha Prada chooses that shorts, instead of there is enough - taki compromise bermudy and suggests to carry them not only with jackets, but also with raincoats.

colour scales in which are solved podiumnaja and commercial collections, are similar. Here again and there in a basis the combination of the shabby and muffled colours lies: grey, graphitic, brown, beige with bright, pull out an eye tones scarlet, yellow, orange, dark blue. Only if in a defile collection vinyl jackets and raincoats, in commercial - knitted jumpers and pullovers were bright.

For those who does not want to leave clothes of favourite mark per day, there are quite classical suits, with jackets as on two, and three buttons, sewed of most that on is a formal fabric - dark wool in a strip. And also jersey of intelligent, dim colours traditional for man`s collections Prada.

footwear, as always, the diversified. These are shoes from voshchenoj skin on a thin sole, leather both suede loafery and moccasins, krossovki from a skin and textiles, various boots. There is also a main footwear vesenne - a summer collection - leather sandals. Thick woollen socks with which, on thought seigneurs Prada, it is necessary to carry them, in the Moscow monobrands it is not presented. But, while there is an Izmajlovsky opening day and grandmothers at the underground, problems at those who will want to repeat podiumnyj look, should not to arise.

As to bags to huge assortment Prada this year were added some more. Bright and soft bags from suede which need to be carried in the curtailed kind under the arm, have not brought to Moscow. But there are big and convenient road bags on two handles: black and colours of coffee with milk, and square with two handles and a long belt - bright colours.

the prices for clothes - from 12 thousand rbl. to 85 thousand rbl., on footwear and bags - from 12,5 thousand rbl. to 80 thousand rbl.