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Clothes on the future

MaxMara and SportMax spring - summer 2007
Marina Prokhorov

has examined Collections MaxMara of the sharpest and fashionable line - that that is shown on a defile, - all is better from a season by a season. It on - former clothes quite quiet and calculated on commercial success, but in it is very clever and correct, in good style and sense of proportion the main tendencies of a season are reflected.

in this season for designers MaxMara the futurism became the main theme. The clothes made for almost fantastic megacity. Asymmetric capes - kejpy and dafflkoty with volume pockets are sewed from is gloomy - grey plashchevoj fabrics and lame colours of lead. Skirts - tulips with a smell, dresses with the disturbing abstract drawing reminding not so much flower meadow, how many petrol pools. The convenient truncated trousers on shoulder straps, shirts without a collar, asymmetric dresses with a drapery on one side which can be carried on one shoulder. Difficult draped evening dresses from lame and the closed, not too fitting bathing suits are very beautiful.

the footwear is sustained in the same gloomy style. Flat sandals and barefoot persons on average heights direct, wide enough heel are sewed from the metallized skin of colour of old bronze or lead. At barefoot persons very wide, clasping ankles the belts reminding foot shackles. Thus the footwear is very convenient. In a collection of bags too there are futuristic models, under the form reminding strongly extended ellipse from a texnocratic kind strengthenings from the same skin along the edges.

but, certainly, the commercial and more habitual part of seasonal collection MaxMara is presented in the Moscow shops more widely. In it there are obligatory office suits, black, grey, striped and in the small is grey - cream peas. Skirts, dresses and blouses from crepe de Chine in an every possible floret and set of excellent linen dresses - shirts. Fine wide skirts - trousers to a knee from grey flax in a small strip - bokoviny trousers are entirely clasped on buttons.

it is necessary to give separate attention to very successful linen dresses, tops and trousers in sea style and country to sundresses and skirts - from not bleached flax, with large, as on a rural cloth, an embroidery rishele and the brooches curtailed from this flax - colours on a hem. To this part of a collection there are more traditional wattled barefoot persons and baletki, bags - saki and bags - baskets. Line Weekend, as well as always in the summer, offers a plentiful choice of linen trousers and jeans, quiet cotton jersey, shirts and vetrovok.

Besides, in all Moscow shops MaxMara the clothes of a new season from SportMax also are presented. It is perfect other clothes both on style, and on mood. SportMax for a long time it was allocated in the independent brand presented by own defile, but at us it traditionally is on sale in multibrands of the parent lines MaxMara.

In this season SportMax it is surprisingly bright and cheerful. Very large trousers in a shrill cage, rural dresses, tops and blouses with application, from a clap with anilinovo - bright colours, knitted tops and sarzhevye narrow trousers of the brightest shades yellow, red, green and violet. And thus the most gentle translucent spacious tops and small skirts from reaped silk shifona, difficult shades of a flush, it is pale - yellow and cream. That is or it is impudent, as for Peppi the Long stocking, or it is deliberately modest, for the good child. But both main things of an image SportMax very young and maiden.

the prices for clothes MaxMara - from 10 thousand rbl. to 45 thousand rbl., on footwear and bags from - from 12 thousand rbl. to 30 thousand rbl. of the Price for clothes SportMax - from 10 thousand rbl. To 30 thousand rbl., on footwear and bags - from 15 thousand rbl. to 35 thousand rbl.