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on Man Booker Prize well tells the List of nominees about the modern literature
Anna Narinsky

In main on vysokolobosti to English newspaper Guardian article devoted to the announcement of nominees on literary award Man Booker International tells, begins with the citation from Hemingway. The old man, as it is known, dreamt in due time about the World championship under the literature . About that in fair fight with observance of all sports rules to reveal the best.

award Man Booker International, the influential newspaper considers, in any measure it is possible to compare to such championship. The unique formal requirement to the writer that its nominee has appeared considered, - though any of its products should be translated into English. All who corresponds to this simple requirement, members of the international jury consider. This year jury the well-known Princeton professor of the literature of Elejn Sholter heads. And still only two persons. White South African writer Nadin Godimer (by the way, the Nobel winner) and Kolm Tojbin which have received in last year for the novel the Master a prestigious Dublin literary award.

the choice of these people deeply esteemed not only in literary, but also reader`s community, quite could descend for award of a rank of the world champion under the literature. As they have fearlessly included in the list of nominees of many of those who basically is considered the main writers of our time. At the list of this year are present: Nigerian Chinua Achebe - the most translated African author of all times; Canadian Margaret Etvud who has become famous for the novel the Blind murderer ; Australian Peter Keri (in Russia it is accepted to read its pseudo-literary pseudo-detective My life as a fake while the sentimental saga Oscar and Ljusinda from different directions where it is more interesting); The American Don Delillo, as if predicted in Mao II on September, 11th; Mexican Carlos Fuentos storing traditions all best Latin American; reforged from the communist and the feminist in scientific fantastku Englishwoman Doris Lessing; its clever and moderately cynical compatriot Ien Makjuen; significant and mnogotirazhnyj Israeli Amos Oz; the member of Gonkurovsky academy Michel Turne, and also Filip of Companies and Salman Rushdie, each of which quite would fit on an illustration to concept the writer in the encyclopaedia. If to put to the present list international Bukera the list last (previous - it the first - the award was handed over in 2005) where entered Gunter Grass, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Milan Kundera, Kenzaburo Oe, John Updike and And. B. Iegoshua, and also not died yet by then Saul Bellow and Stanislav Lem leaves that Booker International collects under the wing (that is in the nominatsionnyh lists) all writers who in the world in general are for today. That is in the world bukerovskoj literatures. Which has the specificity.

all books bukerovskoj traditions - a fiction. And, probably, main sign uniting them is called as not too art word good quality . Moreover, indispensable though and not sounded requirement to bukerovskoj to the literature its accessory or, anyway, the shown relation to the European cultural and moral tradition is. And like in the light of an urgency of radicalism and marginalnosti it does bukerovsky the approach to the literature unfashionable. Though is faster - extrafashionable. And same most guarantees that any book from the list of British Bukera, without speaking about any author from nominated for Buker international, it is possible to read.

by the way, about Hemingway`s dream about the World championship under the literature - only such approach also does its possible. It is supposed that the book judge not in connection with an urgency of its subjects, and on seeming today strange to criterion horoshesti . And then all converges - the one who has written more good book wins.

but the championships literary awards - including Man Booker International - never become. Nachet that, it is correct or not, it is possible to argue long enough, but to change it it is impossible. All actions such always pursue nonliterary problems. And if these problems not purely political as recently occurs to the Nobel Prize, educational and humanitarian. For example, last (it the first) international bukerovsky a prize - that is the sum of sixty thousand pounds and the glory applied on them - have appeared in hands of Albanian dissident Ismaila Kadare, whose proclaimed is no time great the novel the General of dead army today it is forgotten thoroughly partially also whose creativity, certainly, needed that to the world of it have reminded.

so and this year to foresee the winner Buker interneshnl it is necessary to get accustomed to dark, that is unevident, to horsies. For example, to the Danish writer Harry Mulichu. The boy it together with mother - the Jew has got to a fascist concentration camp while his father, working in Deutsche Bank, was engaged in placing of the money confiscated from the Jewish families. About Harry Mulich`s this unique experience has written some novels.

However, before putting on Mulicha, it is necessary to pay attention to that fact that some names - Etvud, Lessing, Makjuen and the Mouth - has been nominated and last time, and with the big share of probability of these well-known and older persons, here so directly all to one, not begin to disturb twice in vain.

However the pleasure which we receive from razgljadyvanija the list of nominees on Man Booker International, consists just that sense of this list not only - and in general - not guessing who will receive treasured 100 000 dollars (they of 60 thousand pounds). During the announcement of the list of applicants of Kolm Tojbin has told that this choice of jury wanted to offer all interested persons a theme for discussion - discussions about modern fiction. And though on the words said at official ceremonies, it is accepted not to pay attention, it is quite possible to be in earnest about this phrase. Basically, mister Tojbin could be expressed even more strongly - these bukerovskie lists offer discussion about life because practically each of the writers offered there is responsible for its certain piece.

on an example of the list of this year of a zone of this responsibility it would be possible to divide approximately as follows.

for relations with Europe and in general the world of the white person answer everyone on - to Chinua Achebe and Carlos Fuentos. Achebe directly is engaged in exposure white and their cultures. In the well-known essay the Image of Africa: racism in darkness Heart Joseph Konrada in many countries included in the school program, he asserts that konradovskaja the story shows, how Europeans always - and to this day - degumanizirujut Africans. Better to say that, as the European try, to consider black for the person at it it is impossible.

At Fuentosa all, of course, much more softly and in general absolutely on - to another. But too about Europe and not - Europe. More truly, about another Europe as which at it native Mexico (as, however, their native lands at all main Latin Americans appears). About zazerkalnuju Europe possessing other history and occupied by other people. Others, but correlating with Europeans. And suffering from the American cultural and economic imperialism.

the female theme (it is possible, even against own will) is represented by Doris Lessing. It, despite all latest products in which the history of the Earth from the point of view of aliens, for example, is told, for the majority remains the author of the classical feministic novel the Gold writing-book written in the sixtieth. Then the history of the heroine of this book has been proclaimed by critics Testimony of the woman about that struggle which is inevitable for it in any field, whether it be work, sex, love, motherhood or a policy .

On a share of Don Delillo drop out a postmodernism and criticism of the present as that. The criticism of a society which, to survive, needs terrorists and in false media. Both without a postmodernism, and without criticism still it is considered impossible to manage. And books of Delillo from White noise to Mao II - a moderate postmodernism with social sounding.

Anglijskost in the literature (and anglijskost in general is the quite real component of life for a long time rather claimed) represents Ien Makjuen. In when - that obligatory at us to perusal Amsterdam and in more popular in the world Expiation It practises discharged, slightly cynical sight at small lives of the small people, presented there is Ivlinom In.

the Company it would be possible to consider Filipa covering the Jewish theme, and with it it really consults best in the world if it did not show bolshee. Each book of Companies shows inexhaustibility human I . All its numerous heroes are it. And it is a little - we. With each new book of Companies shows to the world as it is a lot of all - ideas, characters, plots and words - it is possible to get from itself. In case of Phillip Rota it would be desirable to tell - from own interiors.

well, and Salman Rushdie - a figure the most complex. He the present novelist - writes long books which can be read from beginning to end. The ethnic component of his life and its creativity and remained only one of the lines, which its book far are not settled. It goes till now under protection, and hunting for his head is not cancelled till now. Thus he not only is not afraid to appear in public, but also acts in a film the Diary Bridzhit Johns . But thus that he acts in a film the Diary Bridzhit Johns he does not hesitate to think of the most important thing in writing. From Rushdie`s any point of view - an ideal of the modern writer, it is possible - an ideal of the writer in general.

Even it is enough listed persons to believe in the fact subjected by much doubt that on the earth there are many good live writers. Such which in books have a beginning, the middle and the end (often happy). And still there there is a love and completely not necessarily there are scenes kannibalizma. And even can have no time for the end the sex theme is opened, and the incest theme can even not be present at all. Their books can be read. To read seriously, instead of as a joke which considering clever the person has joked specially for another - too clever. From consciousness that such writers live on light, feel comfort. Accordingly, it you feel, when you read the list of nominees on Man Booker International.