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On their place new people " will come;

Yesterday Omsk governor Leonid Polezhaev has declared intention to create the regional government, which concept of formation governor has promised in October to submit deputies of regional Legislative Assembly. Having informed on plans of reorganisation of the administration, 63 - summer Leonid Polezhaev has told that with those who has reached the limiting age qualification (60 years), we will arrive under the law, and on their place new people " will come;.
the Statement for intention to generate the government of the Omsk region Leonid Polezhaev has made during the a press - the conferences, the first after its victory on governor`s elections on September, 7th current year. the regional power should draw conclusions from this campaign. Rather low appearance of voters (according to regional election committee - 47 % - ) shows that at us not all goes smoothly - the governor has told. It, apparently, has already drawn a conclusion on necessity to involve in the environment new people with nezamylennym a sight . Management should be the live and flexible mechanism. If to allow to it to pupate, become numb, accident will follow immediately, quickly and painfully - Leonid Polezhaev has explained necessity of reorganisation of regional administration. He has promised the concept of formation of the regional government next month to submit deputies of Omsk Legislative Assembly.
the governor did not begin to name names of those whom he intends to involve to to realisation of new ideas but has let know clearly who is waited first of all by discharge from control levers area. with those who has reached the limiting age qualification (60 years), we will arrive under the law - has told 63 - the summer regional leader.
the Limiting age qualification for officials of regional administration is entered by the decree of the governor three years ago. Among key figures from its Leonid Polezhaev`s environment have stepped vitse - governor Valentine Tretjakov (65 years) and the chairman of committee of foreign economic relations of the Omsk region Victor Bazhenov (65 years).
However, Leonid Polezhaev has promised to operate at carrying out of personnel shifts carefully, combining adaptation of new people with experience for a long time working . It has not answered a question of journalists, whether recent resignation of the chairman of regional committee on management of Vladimir Bogdanova`s property of the beginning of carrying out of reorganisation of provincial administration is, having declared only that resignations still will be .
Mister Polezhaev it is transparent has hinted that it is dissatisfied not only work of separate subordinates, but also officials of administration of Omsk. In its opinion, they Poorly supervise financial streams that is why in a city there are delays with payments of a salary to workers of the budgetary organisations and failures in housing and communal services work. According to the governor, in zones of responsibility of the regional budget of such problems is not present, as by it it is applied the mechanism of total, individual control over all financial resources of area . I do not attempt upon independence of local government. But in October when the mayor of Omsk leaves holiday, I will act in city council and I will put these questions - Leonid Polezhaev has told.
from unexpected announcements which the governor during the has made a press - conferences, journalists have noted its words about intention to affect a course of campaign for elections of deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, having involved an administrative resource. As it was found out, mister Polezhaev did not mean anything illegal. I will not support any parties. The power main task in this campaign - struggle against political apathy of a society and maintenance of a worthy appearance of voters - the governor has explained the position.
in a final part a press - conferences Leonid Polezhaev has returned again to a theme of the Omsk government, but this time generated still in 20 - e years of the last century admiral Alexander Kolchakom. Governor Priirtyshja has expressed a regret concerning that in mass consciousness the great trailblazer of the North, the brilliant officer and the present Russian patriot Kolchak associates till now with the image of the bloody dictator imposed by the Soviet propagation . the Admiral has won, but its victory, unfortunately, our society does not want to recognise. Time erection of a monument to Alexander Kolchaku most of all depends on political will of the head of area - such will will be shown, and the monument in Omsk will be put - Leonid Polezhaev has told.
Sergey Rudnev