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On a clod calls the Megaphone

Three scenarios of joint-stock war the Alpha - groups

the extraordinary meeting of shareholders of Open Society Planned for yesterday the Megaphone has not taken place because of absence of quorum. The largest shareholders of the company have refused to participate in action Swedish - Finnish TeliaSonera and Petersburg telekominvest . Last week they have received on behalf of other shareholder the Megaphone - Open Company TST ` Mobajl ` recently passed under control the Alpha - Eko - the categorical letter with the requirement ahead of schedule to stop powers of board of directors and the general director of Open Society the Megaphone . One of the largest cellular operators of Russia has appeared on the verge of war of shareholders.
the letter addressed to the chairman of board of directors of Open Society the Megaphone Ajmo Eloholma has been sent from Open Company TST ` Mobajl ` on September, 3rd. In it the owner of a blocking package the Megaphone has demanded to call extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the company, having included in the agenda questions on the preschedule termination of powers of board of directors of joint-stock company and its general director Sergey Soldatenkov. The letter was signed by Dmitry Vozianov who has headed TST Mobajl right after, how the Alpha - Eko has bought company actives LV - Finans among which TST Mobajl and it of 25 % plus one action the Megaphone . Mister Vozianov has suggested to hold meeting of shareholders the Megaphone at office the Alpha - Eko on New Arbate.
While representatives the Alpha - Eko have not received the answer to the letter. answer term expires today, - the vice-president ` the Alpha - Eko ` Igor Baranovsky has declared. - We while wait for reaction and consequently to speak about any war of shareholders prematurely. We count on meaningful dialogue with shareholders ` the Megaphone `. Such actions as ignoring of meeting of shareholders, hardly it is possible to stump us - we know ways of an exit from similar situations and we will consistently defend the interests civilised ways. It does not mean that civilised ways cannot be rigid, but we should not be pushed to this rigidity .
Representatives telekominvesta yesterday have preferred not to make comments on a current situation. Representatives TeliaSonera kept silence also. However and so clearly that the largest shareholders the Megaphone have decided to operate in coordination that is illustrated by their synchronous absence on yesterday`s meeting of shareholders.
possible scenarios of development of a situation here a little. The first: the active actions the Alpha Will try to inflate as much as possible the price for which subsequently she will sell the package to shareholders the Megaphone (the most probable buyer - TeliaSonera).
At least the owner of a blocking share holding has the levers, allowing to lower rates of development of the company, while speed - the key factor of competitiveness in the conditions of fast growth of the Russian market of mobile communication. For example, the Alpha can block the decision on public placing of actions the Megaphone (it is planned this year) and to deprive the access company to financial resources.
the second possible scenario: the Alpha can try to push shareholders the Megaphone to merge with Vympelcom where to structures the Alpha - groups the blocking share holding also belongs. Though for realisation of such scenario to the Alpha Still it is necessary to agree with other principal shareholder Vympelcom - Norwegian Telenor. And, at last, the third scenario: the Alpha - groups will clash intentionally with shareholders the Megaphone to weaken the competitor Vympelcom .
Anyway at the Alpha - groups there is a wide experience of conducting joint-stock wars (see the inquiry). And in most cases the Alpha derived from these conflicts the maximum benefit.
will watch succession of events.