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British want the big share in Gajde

As it became known, the British shareholders of the insurance company Gajde intend to increase the share in an authorised capital stock of the Petersburg insurer to 20 %. It can occur during issue of actions which will come to the end till the end of the year and will increase the capital Gajde on third - to 20 million roubles. At the same time in bank St.-Petersburg which structures at present supervise the insurance company, know nothing about these plans. Tatyana Guy has informed on intention of the British shareholders the general director of the insurance company. As she said, operating shareholders have a possibility to redeem the action to shares proportionally available for them at the price of 7,2 roubles. To the issue spent on an open subscription, can join and foreign shareholders, having paid on 8 roubles for the action. In total 1 million actions will be placed by face value of 5 roubles that will increase a company authorised capital stock by 33 %, to 20 million roubles. Englishmen want to increase the share while to 20 percent, the coordination of larger transactions with participation of foreign shareholders inconveniently - the madam Guy has informed.
to increase the share company Fitzmaurice Management Limited (Great Britain) now owning approximately of 4 % of actions, can only in case someone from operating shareholders will refuse the right of priority. However while the basic proprietor of the insurance company - bank St.-Petersburg (18,3 %) - do not intend to reduce the share. with partners we have an arrangement on preservation of the existing status - the first vice-president of bank " has informed; St.-Petersburg Sergey Vasilev. As he said, such position speaks the developed partner relations with other shareholders. Besides, together with the affilirovannymi structures - the Sagittarius (15,69 %) and MIVEKS (10,66 %) - bank and so supervises a situation in Gajde .
we Will remind that one of founders and is no time the largest shareholder of the company Tatyana Guy considerably has reduced the share in the capital Gajde after issue of actions in 2002: it has decreased from 43 % to 12,4 %. Then the shares and some other shareholders, in particular foreign founder Fitzmaurice Management Limited (Great Britain) - from 10,25 % to 2,7 % have lost, and control has passed to the Petersburg bank. In bank to the correspondent have informed that know nothing about intention of the British shareholders to increase share, however have assumed that it only will raise the status of the insurance company.
foreign shareholders already are at some Petersburg companies: in capital ASK Trust the American insurance holding Reliance, in SBK " participates; posejdon - Ingosur BV (Netherlands). Many foreign insurance companies already participate in capitals of our insurers. Motions in this direction occur on a wave ` autocitizens ` which has given a serious push to the insurance market - head Severo - the Western representation of the All-Russia union of insurers Konstantin Baykov marks.
now on participation of foreigners in the Russian insurance business a number of restrictions operates. For example, at a dale of the foreign shareholder over 49 % it is impossible to be engaged in obligatory kinds of insurance, such as the autocitizen . However, the government has already developed the bill facilitating access of foreign players on this market, but the document has caused the sharp criticism of insurers and legislators, and its destiny in doubt. Therefore while foreigners look after the Russian companies, and for detour 49 - a percentage barrier create in Russia affiliated firms.