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the Moscow TV set studies the television request of United Russia party members
the Moscow TV set considers a technical aspect of the question connected with an announcement of new TV channel an United Russia . As has informed yesterday an informed circle in capital administration, mayor Yury Luzhkov has received the letter from the chairman of a high council of party an United Russia Boris Gryzlov with the request to assist in the organisation of an announcement of a new broadcasting company. The source has noticed that the questions connected with manufacture of programs, and also with on what button the signal will extend, should solve federal departments. possibilities for a channel announcement through city cable networks are - truth, means that them to modernise " for this purpose be required; - the interlocutor has noted. At the same time sources in a management an United Russia Have informed that it is a question of the long-term project which realisation can demand rather long time and it is not connected in any way with December elections in the State Duma.