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Regional leaders

Valery Serdjukov has entered a post in another`s territory
Yesterday inauguration of the governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdjukova re-elected for the second term past Sunday has taken place. Solemn ceremony has passed in territory of the next subject of federation - in the Taurian palace of St.-Petersburg, as court or recreation centre the regional government to itself has not constructed till now a concert hall. Together with heads of regional administrations to congratulate the governor members of the government of Petersburg and the plenipotentiary of the president in Severo - Valentine Matvienko`s Western federal district have come. As Matvienko`s who is the candidate in governors of Petersburg the madam, still is in pre-election holiday, instead of it the congratulation on behalf of the president of Russia was read by its assistant Andrey Chernenko. Recently made passing governor`s sign for the first time has been handed over Valery Serdjukovu: The arms of Leningrad region in which images of the arms of those historical territories which settled down before on its place are added are put in its basis.

President KCHR has solved St.-Petersburg national - a personnel question
Yesterday deputies of national meeting of Karachaevo-Circassia have confirmed the nominees of the chairman of the government presented by president Mustafoj Batdyevym and its assistants. At formation of an office except business qualities of candidates their nationality was considered also. As the radical people in KCHR officially are considered karachaevtsy, Circassians, Russian, Abasins and nogajtsy. President Batdyev on a nationality karachaevets, therefore the new prime minister became Circassian Ruslan Kazanokov earlier heading parliamentary committee on the national policy, affairs of public associations, the religious organisations and mass-media. vitse - by prime ministers are appointed karachaevtsy Boris Gochijaev and Ansar Tebuev, Russian Anatoly Barkov, Abasin Zaur Adzhiev and nogaets Dzhanibek Sujunov holding before a post of the speaker of parliament. In connection with election of new president KCHR deputies have confirmed Stanislav Dereva`s powers as the representative of executive power of republic in federation Council. New constant representative KCHR at the president of Russia confirms Emma Kardanova earlier leading regional branch of party an United Russia .