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The transaction

LUKOIL has bought the Serbian network of the gas station
NK LUKOIL declared signing with the Serbian agency on privatisation of documents on the right of acquisition of 79,5 % of company Beopetrol - second-large after Jugopetrol networks of the gas station and tank farms in Serbia supervising about 20 % of the fuel market of the country. The Russian company has been declared by the winner of the tender still one month ago. LUKOIL will pay for Beopetrol 117 million euro, by 85 million euro more will be invested in Beopetrol within five years, and 5 million euro has promised LUKOIL to spend for social programs. Besides LUKOIL of the application form for participation in the tender on Beopetrol submitted Hungarian MOL and Greek Hellenic Petroleum.

the Declaration on intentions
Is created the commission on working out of struggle against washing up
Creation of the interdepartmental commission for working out of national strategy on struggle against a money-laundering can occur in the near future. Head KFM has informed on it the Russian Federation Victor Zubkov. As he said, by this time the structure of the commission and advisory council formed at it is almost defined. there will be a big commission which will include almost all ministries and departments, she will develop national strategy of counteraction to a money-laundering - Victor Zubkov has told. It has explained that within the limits of the commission working groups which with assistance of advisory council will work over strategy will be created. The advisory council structure at the commission will include experts - experts, including foreign, and also scientists.

the Lithuanian refrigerators will do in Kaliningrad
the Lithuanian company Snajge will open in Kaliningrad factory on manufacture of refrigerators. As have informed in a press - service of administration of the Kaliningrad region, the volume of investments into the project will make about $14 million The factory will be started in the end of the year, and originally on it will be issued by 150 thousand refrigerators, and in a year at two-shift work it leaves on full capacity - 400 thousand refrigerators a year. Factory production will be delivered not only to Russia, but also to Ukraine, in the European Union countries. Within the first year the realisation volume should make about $40 million the Lithuanian company has chosen the Kaliningrad region for building of new large manufacture as foreign investors were involved with tax and customs privileges of the special economic zone, allowing to let out refrigerators at lower prices.

Autovases will place a bonded loan
Yesterday Open Society of Autovases declared forthcoming placing of a bonded loan on 3 mlrd rbl. Securities a face-value of 1 thousand rbl. will be placed on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange in the fourth quarter, their term of the reference will make four and a half a year. It already the second placing of bonds of the Volga car factory from the beginning of year. The first rouble loan on 1 mlrd rbl. with term of the reference of 360 days has been let out on February, 21st and realised within one day. At placing profitableness of bonds to repayment has made 16,15 % annual.

the Central Bank will watch deficiency of roubles at banks
the Central Bank of the Russian Federation intends to give short-term refinancing to commercial banks for prevention at them deficiency of roubles from - for deterioration of a situation with rouble liquidity. The first deputy of the chairman of the Central Bank Oleg Vjugin has informed on it. absolutely rigid situation with liquidity, probably, will not be, because we will be refinansirovat banks, only, of course, for short term - he has told. According to Oleg Vjugin, under the decision of board of directors the Central Bank of the Russian Federation have a right to support the rest at the rate to 50 mlrd rbl. on operations repo. That is, in essence, we can support liquidity of banks in such volumes, the truth, all is short money, them it is necessary to renew all time. I think, it is quite enough of it till the end of the year - the first vice-president of the Central Bank has told. As he said, the board of directors of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at session intends to discuss on September, 26th including a question on expansion of number of tools of refinancing of banks.

Game rules
competition on insurance of military men
the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Is declared declared competition among the insurance companies on the right of carrying out of obligatory state life insurance and health of military men of armed forces of the Russian Federation and the citizens called on military gathering. About it it is told in the announcement of competition. Insurance will be financed at the expense of means of the federal budget. Demands acceptance from the insurance companies will be spent till November, 5th. Competition carrying out is planned for November, 10th.
Prime - TASS

the South Chinese brokers for swindle at a stock exchange
Five persons accused of roguish operations with securities at Shenchzhensky stock exchange, are taken sentenced in Guangzhou, capital of the South Chinese province Guangdong, to imprisonment for the term from two to three and a half years and to penalties to 500 thousand yuans ($60,41 thousand) Have informed local newspapers. Whether since October 1998 till February, 2001 Huntsin, the head of company Yi ` an Science, and four its accomplices through figureheads began to buy up actions of the company and is artificial have inflated their price about 7,55 yuans to 126,31 yuans for the action. As a result of this operation they have got profit at a rate of 460 million yuans ($54 million).

the St.Petersburg Interbank Stock Exchange has made changes to standard documents
Exchange council Sankt - the Petersburg currency stock exchange (St.Petersburg Interbank Stock Exchange) has made additions and changes to operating standard documents, and also has confirmed a number of new documents of a stock exchange and change in its structure. According to a press - to stock exchange release, for reduction in conformity with requirements of decisions of Federal Commission on Securities changes are made to trade rules in share section, admission rules to the reference and exceptions of the reference of securities, an order of disclosing of the information, a condition of realisation of clearing activity on the St.Petersburg Interbank Stock Exchange. Besides, exchange council confirms an order of execution of the transactions concluded in share section of the St.Petersburg Interbank Stock Exchange, a rule of the conclusion and verification of transactions in share section, regulations of modification of standard documents of the St.Petersburg Interbank Stock Exchange on activity realisation on a securities market. In a press - release it is noticed that specifications settlement European optsionnogo the contract on a settlement rate of the Russian rouble to US dollar and the future contract on the settlement price of euro to US dollar, and also changes and additions in the specification settlement European optsionnogo the contract on an index on a newsprint are confirmed.
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Energomashbank has selected board of directors
Shareholders Energomashbanka (St.-Petersburg) at extraordinary meeting on Friday have selected new board of directors in number of seven persons. On it have informed in a press - Joint-Stock Company service the Investment company ` Eltra ` the basic shareholder of bank. The structure of board of directors included two representatives of Joint-Stock Company the Holding company ` the Union - Energo ` - general director Vladimir Kravchenko and chairman of board of directors Andrey Lebedev, the regional director of Open Society Power machines - LMZ, ZTL, the Electric power, Energomasheksport Sergey Siryj, the adviser of the general director - chairman of the board Energomashbanka Natalia Bazil, the director for strategic development of Joint-Stock Company the Investment company ` Eltra ` Julia Vlasenkova, the chairman of board of directors of Open Society NIITMASH Edward Yermolaev, the general director of Joint-Stock Company the North - the Vegetable Grigory Kolotov. Chairman of board of directors Energomashbanka selects Andrey Lebedev, by the general director - the chairman of the board - Victor Preger.
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