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71 year to writer Fridrihu Neznansky
It Today is executed the chairman of the Moscow regional public organisation of support of veterans of the Interpol Felix Merkulov congratulates:
- Dear Fred! Big sees on distance: judging by your books and films, the present Russian validity from German Garmish - Partenkirhena is visible perfectly well. It is not known, whether it is casual, but today also the next anniversary (fie - fie, the thirteenth!) The Russian bureau of the Interpol. And in affairs of the inspector Turkish, as it is known, accidents do not happen.
health strong to you and spouse Bozhene, happiness and a good far-sightedness!

45 years to the leader of TV program " today are executed; the Silent house to Sergey Sholokhov
He is congratulated by the leader of TV program the Silver sphere Vitaly Woolf:
- Dear Serezha, I use possibility to tell to you that very gently I love your talent and special television charm. I like you to listen and I can regret only that I see you less often, than would like. I wish you not only health and happiness that became already banality, and and realisations of all your true desires about which you know one. Friendly truly yours, Vitaly Woolf.

103 years to graphic artist Boris Yefimov
It on September, 28th are executed the composer Nikita Bogoslovsky congratulates:
- Dear Borja, I am for the present younger than you, and much more. I very much would like to catch up with you, but, I am afraid, it can not turn out. Happiness to you, my kind old friend!
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