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The world is invited on September, 27th

by the International trading exhibition of agriculture and farming LWH - 2003 in Stuttgart (Germany). Till October, 5th. The motto present 96 - j exhibitions - Open in itself the farmer . 160 thousand experts from 70 thousand companies are expected, whose activity is connected with agriculture, winemaking, cultivation of fruit, gardening and forestry. Passes in parallel with beer Festival in Kanshtattere.
beer Festival in Kanshtattere (Germany). Till October, 10th. Second-large in the world after Munich Oktoberfesta the festival passes this in Kanshtattere, suburb of Stuttgart. It has been based in 1818 by king Wilhelm as a crop holiday. In the program of a holiday parade, fireworks, fair, the beer sea, mountain of fruit in height of 24 metres.
the International trading exhibition of public health services, service of hospitals, medical and the labware, pharmaceutical production Medica Lisboa - 2003 in Lisbon (Portugal). Till September, 30th. At an exhibition the iatrotechnics, the equipment for hospitals, laboratories, drugstores, the pharmaceutical goods is presented.
the international festival of oysters in Galway (Ireland). Till September, 30th. It is based in 1957. In the program cheerful competitions, the Irish music, a comedy, beer Ginness the international competition on opening of oysters, dances on chairs, a beauty contest, a golf.
the international fair of the modern art, antiques and design Mercanteinfiera - Autumn - 2003 in Parma (Italy). Till October, 5th. More than 1200 participants will present here not only antiques, but also ultramodern novelties.