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The podzvezdnyj world on September, 27th and 28

Saturday, on September, 27th
Today quite favorable day. The growing Moon in a sign on Scales will make harmonious aspects with Plutonom in the morning and with Uranium late at night. Such day can be used for new, difficult, in something of risky employment. The endured experience very much is useful to you. There is every chance on success.
Mars passes from popjatnogo movements to normal, direct. It becomes easier to achieve positive results in sports, the power balance of an organism will settle into shape. Necessarily will pay attention of physical activity.
in trade, business normal day. Advantage will be on the party of the large companies, and in individual business there is a possibility to realise the courageous projects which are beyond the habitual.
in personal relations sensually - the romantic party of relations can give way to friendship. Do not limit the partner, agree with it. Jealousy and insults can destroy relations. Besides, not be unduly mercantile.
the creative aspect between Merkuriem and the Neptune allows to become successful in area of the literature, art. Intuitive inspirations are possible.
for trips, travel quite suitable day, it is possible to use transport any kinds, in particular aircraft.
favorable day and for health. Kidneys and a skin but only in the event that you will treat to their action of substances harmful to an organism can be vulnerable.
Arieses can face some problems in personal relations. But day is successful for physical activity and creative employment.
Tauruses can face unexpectedness the part from which will be pleasant, and another - is not present. Avoid aggression and conflicts.
twins can realise themselves in creative activity, music, painting and the employment connected with water and the nature.
Cancers can enter interaction with the large organisations, including financial. Successful day for flights and mental work.
lions can go to a trip. Successful day for study. In business work will go much more actively. The state of health will improve.
maidens will become successful in art and literature area, in other creative activity. Will bring success water and everything that with it it is connected.
scales can appear in an unexpected situation which first will seem difficult, but as a result all will be good. It concerns also love affairs.
scorpions should behave actively then there is a possibility to realise the plans and dreams. Good luck in sports and dialogue, but be not fond of luxury.
Sagittariuses can become successful in public life, take part in political actions.
Capricorns can fasten contacts useful to career. Day is favorable and for achievement of the personal purposes.
Aquarius can face problems in love and purchases, but successfully there will be distant travel and spiritual dialogue.
fishes can realise themselves in commerce and any kind of intellectual activity. Favorable day for trips.
Sunday, on September, 28th
Day basically is favorable. In particular, for physical activity, sports and tourism. Especially first half of day when the Moon harmoniously co-operates with Mars and Jupiter.
Merkury in intense aspect with Plutonom. Separate complexities on trips, especially by the underground or in places of a congestion of a considerable quantity of people are possible. On roads avoid traffic jams, in them there will be emergencies. It is better to transfer time of departure or to choose longer, but a quiet route.
the Moon in the evening in the conflict to the Neptune, therefore is better not to use spirits and other narcotic substances. Be more careful with medicines.
day Will come to the end with harmonious aspect of the Moon and Saturn that allows to hope for favorable results of all done work.
the moon is in a sign on the Scorpion that gives intensity to all feelings. Try to get rid of negative emotions. Then day will bring pleasure in friendship, love and business relations. But if there is a desire to be engaged in something in loneliness, and make.
night hours and morning of Monday also are favorable. You can plan the work how it is necessary. Forsmazhornye circumstances should not you prevent.
for health day favorable. Danger can proceed only from drunkenness, drugs and sexual contacts to suspicious partners.
Arieses should show the greatest activity in the morning. This suitable time for intimate relations, playing sports and tourism, financial transactions.
Tauruses can find new acquaintances and renew the old. Morning is more successful. Do not allow to deceive itself in the evening.
twins should steer clear of potentially criminal points and places of a congestion of crowd. Debt operations are undesirable.
cancers since morning can become successful in sports, tourism and other active affairs. Morning and for love, family dialogue is successful. Be sderzhannee in the evening and is more serious.
lions will be engaged in domesticities. The power-intensive kinds of works connected with physical activity execute in the morning. Avoid feasts in the evening.
maidens should be careful of crowd and dangerous places in the criminal relation. But day is good for trips and study.
scales only can make purchases and financial transactions in the morning. The same hours are favorable for sports. In the evening avoid a deceit and do not run into passion.
at Scorpions harmony in human relations, a positive emotional spirit. And here in commerce and the exact sciences errors and obstacles are possible.
Sagittariuses can hope in the morning for successes in sports, work and monetary affairs. Evening is better to spend in a solitude, easy.
Capricorns can harmoniously co-operate with friends, colleagues, adherents. Your sober thinking will help associates in the evening.
Aquarius realises the purposes, especially in the field of travel and sports. It is possible to try to make something new to itself.
At Fishes the success in travel and adventures in the morning is possible. In the evening avoid some alcohol and deceive nobody.